Power Tips To Zap Stress Out of Your Life Plr Ebook

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PLR Ebook Table Of Contents

INTRODUCTION                                                                                       4

Stress Research                                                                                            4

Identify Stress in your Life                                                                          5

Your Stress Diary                                                                                        6
–    analyze your diary
–    what does it all mean

Powerful Stress Management Tools                                                            7

Manage Stress through Mental Imagery                                                      10

Physical Relaxation                                                                                    11
–    deep breathing
–    progressive relaxation
–    relaxation response technique

Rational and Positive Thinking                                                                  13
–    thought analysis
–    change negative thinking
–    using thought awareness

Bust Stress Away                                                                                        15

Laugh Stress Away                                                                                     18

Self-Therapy for Nagging Daily Stress                                                       19
–    aching back and muscle tension
–    sooth the mid-section
–    for the multi-tasker
–    for those on the go
–    for a good nights sleep

Natural Stress Busters                                                                                  22

Another Good Remedy for Everyday Stress                                                27

Relaxation and Scent                                                                                    30

De-Stress your Home                                                                                   33

Create a Home Spa Experience                                                                    36

More Good Relaxation Tips                                                                         38

How do Others Deal with Stress                                                                  40
–    Three random responses

Controlled Breathing                                                                                    42
–    Exercise

Targeted Relaxation                                                                                      42
–    five finger exercise
–    progressive relaxation
–    calm the racing mind
–    instantly de-stress
–    deep relaxation
–    quieting of body and mind
–    higher level relaxation

Stress Self-Assessment                                                                                 48

Conclusion                                                                                                    51

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For the past one hundred years there has been much debate and theory offered about what stress is and what stress is not.  We each know intuitively what stress is to us because we all experience it.  Defining stress, however, is not so easy.

Hans Selye is one of the founding fathers in stress research. In 1956, Mr. Selye argued that “stress is not necessarily something bad – it all depends on how you take it. The stress of exhilarating, creative successful work is beneficial, while that of failure, humiliation or infection is detrimental.”

Selye’s position was that the biochemical effects of stress would be experienced irrespective of whether the situation was positive or negative.

Since that time, much more research has been conducted, and new ideas have evolved. Stress is now widely perceived as a “negative,” producing a range of harmful biochemical and long-term effects. These same effects have rarely been observed in positive situations.

Richard S Lazarus is attributed with our most commonly accepted definition of stress: Stress is a condition or feeling experienced when a person perceives that “demands exceed the personal and social resources the individual is able to mobilize.”

Everyone responds differently to stressful events.  That stress response is part instinct and part to do with how we think.  We can train our minds how to best respond to the stressors in our lives.  Stress does not need to be all bad.  Some stress in our daily lives is good and challenges us to reach even higher heights.

This ebook is dedicated to helping people, everywhere, to harness the stress in their lives and channel it into something that is beneficial and positive.

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