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Identifying Your Sources for Stress
How Stress Affects Disease
Keep a Record of Your Stress Factors
Improve Stress By Breathing Properly
Self-hypnosis and visualization
Controlling Worry
How to Cope With Anxiety
Anger Management
Time Management
Stress and Nutrition
Exercise and Stress
Your Body and Stress
Stress Can Kill

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Identifying Your Sources for Stress

How to combat stress

Stress has been blamed for various emotional and psychological problems such as:

-> Heart palpitations
-> Irritation
-> Depression
-> Lack of sleep
-> Poor work or school performance

These are indeed common signs that a person is stressed.  Being aware that you are in a stressful state is good thing.  Why? Because you can look for possible solutions to avoid stress in the future and even lessen the ill effects of stress in your life.

A person who is already feeling stressed should first ask why he is experiencing this in the first place.  This can lead one to discovering the different kinds of stress and which kind of stress is affecting him.

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