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Chapter 1:
What Are Your Values

Chapter 2:
Where Are You Vulnerable

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4:

Chapter 5:
Be In The Now

Chapter 6:
Admit Errors

Chapter 7:

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Chapter 1:
What Are Your Values


It will be hard to stay true to yourself if you aren’t certain about what you truly care about in the first place.

Get Real

You’ll discover yourself wavering at the slimmest challenge or threat merely because you don’t understand what fires you up and what are the matters that are negotiable in your life. Then you wind up wondering why your life is so stinky. So it’s helpful to take some time to chew over the core values that you live by and matters that you truly enjoy doing, and illuminate them in black and white.

Take a sheet of paper and pencil and put down a list of your positive qualities and what you admire about yourself. Write in flow of consciousness style. Try not to hesitate. Author whatever you think you shine at. For the bulk of our waking lives we get so tripped up in the negative aspects of ourselves. For this exercise only center on the positive.

Utilizing that same sheet of paper or another, put down periods during the day or week that you felt truly happy and focused. Try to remember what occurred during the day that made you feel truly great. Whether it was playing guitar or assisting an elderly person cross the street, record these results.

Ask your loved ones and friends what they think your most substantial qualities are and what they like the best about you. You don’t have to worry about critique and they’re most likely the closest individuals you have in your life, so it ought to be good to hear positivity about you and what you’ve to offer to the world.

Study your thoughts. Assume a habit of using meditation. When you meditate you’ll be able to listen to what your urges and wants are.

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