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Content-based marketing is back – with a bang!

In 1996, when I started working online, content was KING.

As a guide on the popular web service About.com, I experienced the awesome power of content wrapped in revenue generating systems. When it went public before the dot com bust, a share in About.com was priced at over $100 – and the company was worth several hundred million dollars.

In 2000, the bubble burst. Content sites took a backseat as the bottom fell out of the banner ad market and ad rates plummetted. Portals became old fashioned. Other exciting web profit models thrived.

We’ve come a full circle.

Starting in 2004, content is back with a bang. Google Adsense caught the wave on the upswing, and all of a sudden it became fashionable – and very profitable – to build content rich websites and host ads on them.

There is still a lot of confusion in a beginner’s mind about the best, most effective, easiest way to build content-rich websites that tap into the variety of profit models that abound online. Newbies – and even some experienced marketers – want to know how to do it.

Here is your answer.

In this short special report, I’m going to share with you some experiences, and reviews of various elements of article marketing. You will learn about

– the critical ingredients in using articles to build content rich websites
– the exact steps you’ll need to take to make this effort profitable quickly
– the software tools and services to make your task easy and effortless

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