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In 2012, Multimedia will continue to be king everywhere – in public and private, for corporations and government agencies, for small businesses and charities, for groups of whatever persuasion and for individuals.

Video is one of the most important driving parts of this multimedia experience. Although pictures are more easily accessible by viewers, video is more directly engaging and immediately persuasive. Its use will continue to grow explosively.

What does this mean for promoters and video creators – be they businesses, charities, artists, voluntary organisations, whoever you can think of who wants to promote something to the public at large, to a small, targeted section of the public, or even to a closed group?

Predictions and Trends

Most online video predictions and trend analyses address the Big Issues, where the big money is: What does 2012 hold for providers of infrastructure, services and content?

In between the lines of these reports, however, we can make out a very clear picture of What’s In It For The Little Guy.

In this report, I will show you this picture, that is the picture that emerges from the Big Issues reports for us, the little guys, for 2012 and beyond.

This picture has implications for how we have approach videos.

• What video format will we have to produce?

• Will videos have to go mainstream and glossy or will simple do?

• Do they have to be professionally produced or will home made carry the day?

• Do we have to invest in pro-level equipment and software?

These questions and more will be answered in this report. We’ll start with a look at the general framework for online video – Social Media and Internet Marketing – then look at more specific trends and predictions for online video for 2012. Finally, in the last section of this report, we home in on how even the smallest player can succeed on the biggest video sharing site in the world, Youtube, in 2012 and beyond.

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