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You woke up in the morning one day and thought of a brilliant idea of how to make $10,000.00 on the internet. Or you might even thought of an idea that you think will help you to become the next internet millionaire.

Full of excitement and enthusiasm, you started to build your online business.

1 week passed. No results.
1 month passed. No results.
3 months passed. No results.
6 months passed. No results. Maybe you were lucky, and got a sale.
Does this sound familiar to you? It sure does to me!

One of the single big mistakes I’ve seen is a hardworking person who starts an online business and hopes to make money from the internet WITHOUT doing the market research first.

No wonder there is no results and no sales.

Imagine, if you are selling a guidebook on how to teach a penguin to jump and there is no one who owns a pet penguin who also surf the internet. Are you going to make a sale?

Or, if you are going to sell a guidebook on how to train a dog and there are 10 other ebooks currently selling online, on the same topic. Are you going to make a sale?

If you want to build a lasting and profitable online business, you must research the online market to justify the chances of success before building it.

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