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Introduction 3
Trick 1 4
Trick 2 5
Trick 3 6
Trick 4 7
Trick 5 8
Trick 6 9
Trick 7 10
Suggested Resources 11
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Snowboard tricks are cool don’t you think? However, you’ve got your board, you’re kitted out in the “must have” gear and man, you look good carrying your board to the slopes.

And you can ride your snowboard down the slopes but what you really want to do is lean a few tricks, even the basics, so you can throw in a few stunts on that run, enjoy your boarding just that little bit more and feel the thrill of it all. Oh yeah, and look even cooler of course!

In the following pages we’ll take a look at the anatomy of a few snowboard tricks you can lean and practice. Not a huge range of tricks – who needs that many – but enough to get you by. You can always pick up more on the slopes and from fellow snowboarders as you progress and improve.

Please remember that snowboarding can be dangerous and is not without risk. Always satisfy yourself that you know what you’re doing and take all the precautions you can to ensure your safety. This includes the correct protective equipment and not attempting to do something on your snowboard that is beyond your skill level. Your safety is your responsibility.

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