Newbies Guide To Setting Up A Sales Funnel Mrr Ebook

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‘How To Set Up Your First Profit Pulling Sales Funnel’

Every internet marketer who sticks with it longer than a few months ends up with a general idea of what a “sales funnel” ought to look like. The trouble is…

A. You often find out about sales funnels too far onwards into your marketing journey. The sales funnel you hastily create as a result ends up more as a “patch” or afterthought on your marketing strategies, instead of a vital component in your initial long-term plan.

B. And this is the biggie – everyone tends to think in “Perfect Diagram” mode.

What is “Perfect Diagram” mode? It’s the phenomenon that occurs after a lifetime of reading textbooks and picture books. People imagine simplistic, textbook perfection, like so…

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