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Earn $72,506.04 a Year Without a Product 2
Discover How To Get Your Own Products To Sell 7
Secret Traffic (Get 30,000 Visitors a Month) 9
How To Get Your Visitors Credit Cards Out 11
Insiders Secrets to Losing The Competition 14
Who should you believe? 17
Get Paid $1197 For One Easy Sale! 19
How To Win the PPC Wars 25
Finding Programs That Put Cash In The Bank 27

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Earn $72,506.04 a Year Without a Product

Yes. It’s true. I’m just an ordinary guy living a normal life. What is probably not normal is that I made $72,506.04 in net profits over the past 12 months without any of my own products to sell.

In this special report I share some of methods that I personally use to achieve this and show you how you can do the exact same thing.

So What Do I Do?

Well quite simply I sell other peoples products for a share of the profits. It’s a win-win situation. The product owner gets a sale for their product that they would never have had and I get a check at the end of the month for the total amount of sales I made.

Some product owners are willing to give me as much as 60% of the profit, that’s a big cut!

I don’t just sell one product, that’s simply not a profitable arrangement. you see lots of people sign up as an “affiliate”, there is nothing new in that, but I do something just a little different that 99% of all the affiliates out there simply don’t get.

Here’s What The Average Affiliate Does.

It’s a familiar pattern repeated all over the Internet. Your average affiliate signs up for the latest hot program they heard about. They’re all excited at the promise that this program is different from all the rest and they’re raring to go.

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