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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Commitment and Dedication
Chapter 2: Signing People On
Chapter 3: Choose Your Plan Carefully
Chapter 4: The Secret Of Emotions
Chapter 5: Heart And Mind

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“Success is an issue of fate. It’s who you get that matters.”

“Simply enroll a lot of distributors. You’ll get at least a couple of great ones that way.”

“Thrust the mud against the wall and see what sticks!”

“We’ll construct your team for you!”

You’ve probably heard and viewed statements like these, promising a simple way to enroll associates. You’ve also probably seen marketing plans that propose ways that you are able to guarantee success for yourself and other people you bring in. When you’ve read their stuff, you maybe thought it was virtually out of the question for anybody to fail.

Is Enrollment The Key

A lot of years ago, when I was just beginning in marketing, I tried out a program that truly appeared to be a winner. It didn’t cost anything to join. It had great and inexpensive sales aids. Inside a couple of months I had a team of several 100 distributors. And it garnered me $4.00 in my greatest month!

200 distributors? Isn’t that success? Nope. Your commission check is a much greater indication!

No enrolling system is going to do the whole job by itself – in a legitimate plan there’s no income in simply recruiting individuals. Regardless how clever, how much PC designing and programming, or how stirring the compensation plan appears, these are no guarantee for certain success.

What is the most beneficial way to develop a firm marketing force?

Work with just a couple of key individuals at a time and help them to do the same.

Ah, but that sounds like it takes much patience and work. And so un-stimulating. Couldn’t you direct me to something cunning, some way where 100s will just rush to join me in my network? Perhaps some promotional idea, some direct mail, or auto dialing scheme or online system.

I don’t know any such secret. But if you’re willing, I can lead you to a recruiting scheme that helps you discover the correct individuals, one person at a time. And you will naturally discover these individuals without pressure or fear of rejection. Zero forced. No thingamajigs. No hoopla. Just by attraction.

When I was learning the ropes in marketing, someone contacted me about a “guaranteed plan.” It simply could not fail to work. All I had to do is ante up my monthly dues and bring in a high profit. He was so convinced about this fresh idea that he was willing to ante up my first month’s fee and sponsor individuals under me. I kept saying no, and he continued calling and writing me, pressing me to get in on this “ground level sure-fire opportunity.”

“The plan you are with,” he told me concernedly, “is old hat. You will make 10 times more with this fresh one in half the time.”

I decided to wear the “old hat” instead of going with the most recent beanie! How come? Because the plan I was working truly clicked with something inside of me.

Well, that little beanie of his soon pooped out and he traded that beanie for a different “latest greatest utterly guaranteed MLM concept.” It was much different from anything else, he said to me. A truly new wrinkle! No selling! Did not eyen have to enroll.

“Simply put in a couple of hundred dollars, and it will explode!” he assured.

It shortly exploded. That company was closed down by the US Attorney General; and 1000s of individuals like him lost much money.

What was the tip-off that told me it didn’t stand a chance? The fact that I didn’t have to work with distributors or establish a market for the product.

A few marketers may enroll dozens, eyen hundreds, of individuals through the motivation of greed. However when it comes to something reasonable and worthwhile, they shy away from getting involved. There’s a very simple rationality for that. They don’t have inner marketing working for them.

There are likewise many marketers who are not motivated by greed; they sincerely wish the best for themselves and other people. They’d love to establish a network based on the correct principles. Yet, they are very hesitant to talk to other people about their program. They find it very difficult to recruit.

When you discover this inner power, you will discover recruiting to be one of the most fun-filled experiences you’ve ever had. This mystery has taken me from being a very timid person who was afraid of talking to strangers, to a crusader who’s ready to “share” my product and plan anytime!


Someone sent me a series of letters, calling for my feeling on the “marketing plan” he was structuring for a fresh company. He had configured about twenty different ways to divide up the 50% approximately, trying out from 3 to 10 levels.

‘What do you believe is the most beneficial plan?” he enquired.

“I have no clue,” I wrote. “Firstly, what you’re outlining isn’t a marketing plan. It’s simply part of a compensation plan. A marketing plan allows for not only the payouts but likewise the product line, the leaders, the rivalry, and many additional factors. Without experiencing all of those factors, there’s no way I may make a recommendation on how to divide the commissions.”

Know What Will Fly

A marketing plan includes a lot of ingredients much more crucial than the division of the commissions. All the same, a lot of marketers join a plan mostly on the foundation of the commission structure. A company comes out with a fresh wrinkle and a lot of marketers go wild!

Recently, you’ve probably seen some of the strangest – perhaps “uncanny” is the word – compensation plans in marketing. There are eyen ones that claim to be so changed that they don’t call themselves multi-level or network marketing. Naturally, you still have to enroll distributors to earn the greater commissions. And you are able to develop a number of levels or generations of payout.

These “uncanny” plans often attract the unsuccessful marketer who believes that some marketing ace may plan some program which will assure their success. And the plan might look perfectly great as they play with the calculator.

However remember that any company has only a restricted sum of money to pay out if it’s to survive. Because a marketing plan includes a lot of elements, frequently a challenging compensation plan is overcome by the potency of the product line or leadership. However what might look like a simple, sure-to-win compensation plan
Can’t overcome an imperfect product line and hapless leadership. In the long-term, the compensation plan by itself can’t save the company.

Remember, as well –

Remain wary of the marketing plan that “assures success.
You’re not going to win just because the percentages look so good.
You’re not going to win simply because you’re among the first to recognize the might of the fresh wrinkle!

Network marketing works because individuals have different wants and goals.

A lot of individuals get in simply to purchase wholesale.
A few get in to make a couple of hundred bucks extra per month – they require a bit more income
Some get in to develop big incomes.

To attempt to guarantee everyone the same level of success isn’t an executable concept. As a matter of fact, the mathematics of network marketing makes equality of achievement out of the question.

A marketing plan should be fair in its payoffs and sensible in its concepts. It shouldn’t favor the “early birds” greatly over those who come in a bit later. “Join now and sign your downline or upline before other people do” is almost always a sign that the doctrine behind the plan is fallible.

The might of inner marketing goes beyond the compensation design. As a matter of fact, once you grip this secret and what it means, you’ll be able to easily estimate the workability of any marketing or compensation plan very swiftly and precisely. You’ll be able to heighten your chances of joining a company with a solid potential of long life and reasonable profits.

For example, I know a couple who have become ultra- successful with one of America s oldest networking companies. Now, a lot of us more forward-looking networkers may not consider such an old compensation plan very energizing. It’s slow growth. However they looked beyond the percentages.

The company’s image and product line were the firmest assets of the marketing plan to them. They sensed they could best help many individuals through those assets. And over the years that plan has worked well for them.

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