Manifesting Maestro: Manifest Your Network Marketing Success Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
Manifesting Basics

Chapter 2:
Decide On Your Specific Goal

Chapter 3:
Use Imagery

Chapter 4:
Use Mantras

Chapter 5:
Use Affirmations

Chapter 6:
Use Your Sleep Time For Manifesting

Chapter 7:
Connect To The Universe

Believe In Yourself

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 1:

Manifesting Basics


For some people this manifesting element or thought process is something they have tried and swear by its positive contributions. The manifestation is apparent through the mental and physical realms and is very convincing to the individual convinced or its merits.

The Basics

This can be a very effective tool in training the mind to focus only on what the desired outcome should be in any given scenario and then concentrate on working towards effectively achieving that said preconceived idea.

This can be easily achieved if the individual is able to engage all his or her mind and body faculties to work as one energetically.

Making a choice to success at something is further cemented with the manifestation of that end picture to work towards.

Manifestations can effectively keep the individual centered and completely fixed on the end idea desired, thus ensuring distractions in any form don’t cause the individual to lose this focus.

Manifestations are a conscious choice made by an individual and this tool can be explored to its optimum to ensure the product of the manifestation is achievable.

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