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How to Attract & Date MMOODDEELLSS

Before we begin, let me share a partial conversation with you (from memory) that I had earlier this year, with a very successful, highly-paid – and very hot – model… which led to a passionate, 5-month affair with her…

As you’ll soon find out, the first five or 10 minutes of your initial conversation with models are the most important. If you can do that in a way that gets the model to view you in a very specific way, the rest of the game becomes very easy.

Pay close attention. You will learn more about talking with models from this short conversation than most guys ever will learn in a lifetime…
Me: So, what brings you to this dump… [We’re inside a very upscale bar / restaurant]
Her: I just did a shoot upstairs.
Me: Oh…I’m sorry to hear that…
Her: Excuse me? [Translation: I’m confused. Explain yourself.]
Me: A modeling shoot, right?
Her: Yes…
Me: Yeah, well, it’s just that… well, what do you do mostly? Runway? Print? Catalog, fashion?
Her: Umm…all of it.
Me: Ahhhh ok… well, good for you!
Her: [Slight smile of acknowledgment…still confused about my “I’m sorry” comment]
Me: Now…did you start with catalog or fashion right away?
Her: Uh…no… for 6 months now.
Me: Was that after getting representation?
Her: Yes, that’s right… um…who are you anyway?
Me: [Sly grin] Someone you may definitely want to get to know. But enough about that.
Me: So would you say that things were somewhat…difficult…before the agency picked you up?
Her: Not my fondest memories, no.
Me: Exactly… But it’s better now, yes?
Her: Much better. [She smiles. And I can tell that she just got my “I’m sorry” comment]
Me: Good, good…here’s to things getting better! [Raised my glass, and she clinked it with hers.]

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