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100. Give every member the task s/he can do best.
101. Set a clear goal and a deadline.
102. Make sure each member is efficient enough to meet that goal in time.
103. Do not let your personal grudges or prejudices come in the way of your work.
104. Never ignore a person/employee, who can do the task well, just because you do not like him/her.
105. A team should have a unified direction.
106. Give your team members enough motivation for the task.
107. Increase the level of over-all job satisfaction.
108. Absence of clear direction will result in lack of effectiveness.
109. Confused goals will also cause the same.
110. Do not be a bottle-neck team boss.
111. Give your team free hand to get the best out of them.
112. Increase team dynamics to make your team members work more effectively.
113. Build trust inside your crew.
114. The same team may not be good for all the tasks; change group members depending on the skills required for the job.
115. If you add new people to your team inspire them to give their best.
116. There should be an environment of healthy competition within the team.
117. Do not impose too many restrictions; it will only reduce productivity.
118. Mind-mapping is good for team projects as well.
119. Make a plan to carry out the task containing the essential information.
120. Make this plan available to all team members.
121. Collaborative tasks are done effectively only if all the team members follow the same plan.
122. Value self-esteem of every member to inspire them to work better.
123. Remember that Inspiration and motivation increase effectiveness.
124. Start some small incentive programs in form of ‘employee of the week’ and the ‘best performance award’.
125. Incentives work like magic to increase productivity.
126. Learn the essentials of being a team leader or a member of a team.
127. Attend some training sessions on working in a team in some firm or university.
128. All team members should work together to make strategic plan to accomplish the task.
129. Make sure the team agrees on the strategic plans for the task and the task is equally divided among all members.
130. Listen to the suggestions of the members to increase effectiveness.
131. People who are flexible to work on other people’s strategies and can easily compromise with any requirements can prove good teammates.
132. Develop a system to prevent under-contribution.
133. There should be an internal system of checks and balances where each member is accountable to the other members of the group.
134. The system of accountability will make every member to give his/her best to effectively work and meet the set deadlines.
135. It will also ensure equitable contribution from all the team members.
136. Plan training sessions for your team members if necessary.
137. Make sure the team members are inspired, not forced.
138. Communication gap between the leader and the team or between the team members can result in lack of productivity.
139. Develop the habit of listening carefully and patiently and talking effectively.
140. Plan special training sessions for your interns and the people with low ambitions.
141. Your over-all success depends on the efficiency of your team members; do everything to get the best out of them.
142. Not knowing what exactly you are trying to accomplish, also decreases effectiveness.
143. Goal-setting is important to work effectively.
144. It will give direction and help you spend your energy on something useful.
145. When setting goal ignore all time-wasters/unimportant tasks.
146. Define well which task is really important in terms of its outcome.
147. One simple way to achieve a big goal is to regularly do the parts you divided the work into. The completion of every part will get you closer to the goal.
148. If you tried to do all the work at a time, you will not only get tired soon but also it will make you feel frustrated as the task is not done. The frustration consequently leads to un-productivity.
149. Dividing the big goal into different parts makes it easier to be accomplished and keeps your spirit intact.
150. Increase your learning skills.
151. It will help you quickly understand something.
152. Increased learning skills will help you not to lose understanding when reading something.
153. It will enable you to process information faster.
154. Instead of wasting time on travelling to go to meetings, conduct meetings online using collaborative tools.
155. Develop the habit of listening carefully.
156. If you paid full attention to those talking to you regarding work, you will be able to do that in lesser time.
157. Make a list of your skills and shortcomings.
158. Hire or take help from those people who have the skills you lack.
159. It will enable you to have all the required skills for the task and increase productivity.
160. You should also try to work regularly to increase your abilities in those areas where your skills are lacking.
161. Stress management techniques can help you increase work effectiveness.
162. Figure out the causes of stress.
163. To eliminate stress from your work life, make your work plan easy to follow.
164. Never put yourself under too much workload.
165. Never push yourself to work beyond your limits.
166. Take deep breaths and relax after regular intervals.
167. Restore work-life balance by using time management techniques.
168. Building self-confidence reduces stress.
169. Recognize your fears and overcome them; it will enhance your self-confidence.
170. Take a course to boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.
171. Learn to stay calm during long work hours and try to create a stress-free work environment.
172. Learn to control your aggression caused by long hours of work.
173. Sleeping and relaxing for a while helps to control stress.
174. Do not let your expectations or emotions fool you; be realistic about the task that you have to do.
175. Never lose touch with your own life; giving importance to your well-being reduces stress.
176. Adopt positive thinking; negative thinking is a major cause of stress.
177. Never be pessimistic about any situation.
178. Overcome the fear of failure and change.
179. Good decision making skills increase work effectiveness.
180. Work effectiveness depends on how well you manage the risks involved in a task.
181. You need to break the habit of even-analysis; the value of things changes over time.
182. Make your financial decisions by thinking about the current value of the things.
183. Develop a habit of critical thinking.
184. Be careful when choosing between options.
185. Consider a decision from all points of view.
186. Make sure there are no blind spots left in your final decision.
187. When making decisions, never jumps to conclusions without carefully considering every point.
188. Learn well the common yet fatal flaws usually made in decision making.
189. Learn the skills of making decisions under pressure.
190. Decide carefully whether you need to be ‘cautious’ or ‘courageous’ when making decision; your ability to deal with risks will help you in this regard.
191. Develop your skills to get the most out of limited resources. See how you can optimize them well.
192. Having right carrier skills increases productivity and effectiveness.
193. You must know how to handle any official position given to you.
194. If you are unable to deal effectively with office politics, you will not be able to work efficiently.
195. You should also acquire skills to deal with people who are lazy and idyll.
196. Work effectiveness, especially in teamwork tasks, depends on how well you can motivate others to work.
197. Your own efficiency will not do any good if the other members of your group are not efficient.
198. Learn to use your creativity skills; use different and unique techniques to get a job done.

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