Million Dollar Copywriting Secrets MRR Ebook

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Table of Contents

Introduction ……4
Chapter 1 …6
Copywriting Basics: Why Not Hire this Service Out? ….6
Speaking to Your Audience As if You Were There ….7
Writing Effective Headlines …8
Writing the Copy ….10
If/Then Statements 10
Asking a Question ..11
Shock Value …..12
Benefits vs. Features …..13
Testimonials ….14
Backing it Up …15
An Offer they can’t Refuse …15
How do they get it? ……16
Why should they do it now? 17
Never, Ever Lie 18
P.S. …19
Walking Through an Open Door .19
Review …..20
Chapter 2 .21
The Basics of Good Writing……21
Speak to the Client .22
Write the Way One Speaks ..22
Sell the Cure, not the Prevention ……23
Assume They’re not Interested ..23
Don’t be Afraid to Offend ….24
Don’t Fail Big …24
Copy is not King …..25
Multi-Step Mailing .25
Test, test, test .25
Sell the Sizzle, not the Steak 26
Constructive Criticism and Rewriting 27
Create a Story .27
Use Sub headlines ..28
Know the Competition ..28
Including Media …..28
Chapter 3 .29
Making the Process Efficient …29
Using a Professional ……30
Putting it all Together …30
Find the Best Copy .30
Imitation .31
Get Over that Lack of Confidence! ….33
Write Your First Letter ..33
Track It ….33
Chapter 4 .34
Copywriting Recap …..34
Conclusion 37
Get Started! ….38

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Copywriting is one of the foundational skills that any successful salesperson must employ to remain competitive in the market. It entails some basic elements that should come as no surprise: a mastery of the basic rules of grammar, vocabulary and a strong aptitude for making persuasive arguments.

There are more refined skills that differentiate capable copyrighters from the truly great ones. These include a knowledge of the psychology of the demographic toward which the copy is directed, a solid knowledge of what the product offers that demographic and the ability to put that knowledge into words. These skills take time, and practice, to develop to an effective level.

Truly accomplished copywriters can greatly increase the success of their marketing efforts. They copy they generate is always effective, doesn’t require a commission when it makes a sale and is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase market penetration for any product or service. The skills required, moreover, require no money to develop and it takes nothing more than a word processor to create even the most complex and persuasive sales copy. Contrast that with the software expenses required to build web pages and engage in other forms of marketing and it’s readily apparent why this skill should be part of the basic toolbox used by anyone involved in sales or marketing.

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