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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The Types Of Body Expressions

Chapter 3: The Basics Of Reading Body Language

Chapter 4: The Implication Of The Smallest Body Language

Chapter 5: The Interpretation Of Body Languages

Chapter 6: The Micro Expression Matter

Chapter 7: The Benefits of Understanding the Body Expressions

Chapter 8: The Skills that are Required in Understanding the Body Languages

Chapter 9: Understanding What Other People are Thinking

Wrapping Up

The Effects of Body Language on Communication

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Chapter 6:

The Micro Expression Master


To be a micro expression master, you have to complete the necessary things in learning the body language. There are various micro expression training sessions conducted in some part of the world to start mastering the art of body language.

Micro expressions are telling you that the emotions are concealed. However, they will never tell why or how it has been concealed. They can be the outcome of a deliberate and conscious choice wherein a person is aware of what he or she feels but prevents somebody from knowing it.

Micro Expressions Tools

METT or Micro Expression Training Tool is used to detect lies better, to make a person relaxed, be liked by other people and become more successful in their sales. But despite the efforts made to hide the signs of emotions felt, there can still be leakages in some hard-to-recognize fragments of expressions. These little challenges may happen when the emotion is just starting before an individual knows that they will act emotionally. METT is presented to train people in seeing these remarkable signals.

Facial Action Coding System or FACS is the research tool which is helpful for gauging facial expressions made by human beings. It is a system which is based anatomically for describing the observable facial movements. Every observable component of a facial movement is called an AU or action unit. All of the facial expressions may be dissected into their constituent action units.

METT also covers recognition of the concealed emotions by two types of training. The first training is in slow motion. It contrasts and compares the emotions often confused by one another. These emotions are surprise and fear; sadness and fear; disgust and anger. It includes commentary regarding how they differ from each other. This is beneficial for the people with autism and Asperger’s.

The Subtle Expression Training Tool, or SETT, teaches the recognition of micro or very small signs of emotions. These are the tiniest expressions that register in a certain part of your face when an expression is obvious in the face but definitely very small. The subtle expressions may happen for various reasons. One reason is that the emotions experienced can only be very light. These expressions also occur when a certain emotion just begins and get larger if the emotions are strong.

Mini expressions happen when the strong emotions are experienced but are suppressed actively. The only leak out is the fragment of full expression. SETT training tool is developed to increase the ability of people to detect even the tiniest signals.

When you learn more about these tools, there is a greater chance of becoming a great micro expression master. Micro expressions are the fleeting expressions of the face which occur when other people are trying to suppress or repress their emotions. If they fail to do it completely, the emotion will definitely flash to their face rapidly. But 85 percent of the people have the chance to enhance their micro expressions recognition abilities through training and the tools mentioned.

The micro expression masters make use of the tiniest body language as a hint that something can be amiss. Then they are going to look for further information before they call somebody a liar.

Chapter 7:

The Benefits Of Understanding The Body Expressions


Learning body language is not just about detecting if a person lies to you. But rather, it has many advantages once you are able to use them properly. Aside from that, it is fun and interesting to learn since it can be easily applied to you and other people. Thus, knowing what the benefits of understanding the body expression are is also important.

The Essence Of Body Language

People can never live without one another since they are social beings. Communication takes place once they are in contact with other individuals. This communication indicates something about the kind of relationship among people. They make use of written and spoken language and both communicate the thought and emotion of a person.

Subconscious Expression

Most of the time, the body language happens unconsciously. But the body impact the quality of communication. Take note that the body language reveals various meanings among cultures. The way people interpret the body expressions depends on specific situation including the relationship between people. Body language is interlinked with the whole pattern of behavior and spoken language from certain individuals.

Expression Of Feelings

Body language can be an effective way to express feelings and emotions toward something or somebody. People can show their real feelings by becoming aware of the body language. Research shows that body language plays a huge role in the first impression someone makes.

To make a good impression, it is essential that a person is knowledgeable enough and has the ability to control his body language. It plays a vital role in the intuition since it provides messages about other people that can be interpreted at the intuitive level.

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