Ego Evolution: The Reasons Behind And The Plan To Build A Healthy Ego Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
Ego Basics- Why You Need To Develop Your Ego

Chapter 2:
Work On Honesty

Chapter 3:
Work On Courage And Exploration

Chapter 4:
Serve Others To Develop Your Ego

Chapter 5:
Engage With Life

Chapter 6:
The Dangers Of A Damaged Ego

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Chapter 1:

Ego Basics- Why You Need To Develop Your Ego


The ego is the centre of consciousness and is the “eye” through which we perceive the world. Our decision making is determined by our ego and it implements our will. The ego can be seen as an interface between the human world of society and individuals.

The Basics

Very importantly the ego is a sentry. It analyses situations as threatening or beneficial. It reacts to insults, damage to what it sees as its own symbols or challenges to its circumstances.

It is necessary for us all to work to strengthen our egos and by doing so develop a sense of individuality, independence, self esteem, assertiveness, presence and values.

Egos give us convictions of our opinions and perspectives specific tastes and preferences. People in possession of those qualities have egos which can be termed well developed, well defined or “strong.”

A well developed ego is beneficial in many ways. Individuals with healthy egos approach other people from a position of strength and vigor rather than from neediness or emptiness.

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