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Ebook Table Of Contents

Introduction and Foreword                                       3

What is match-making and online dating?                      4

Definitions and different types/formats of match-making and online dating         6

Who chooses match-making,  online dating and why do people opt for it?         18

Where to look for match-making, online dating and what you are most likely to find there – Links and Resources         20

DO and DO NOT for match-making and online dating              29

How to go about launching your own match-making and online dating campaign or search 37

Success-stories, Testimonials,  FAQ’s    44

CAUTION, BEWARE AND ALERTS for match-making and online dating    48

Conclusion              50

Additional Online Sources            56-58

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Introduction and Foreword

What more would you want…

As the popular song goes: “Match-maker, match-maker,  make me a match…”

For match-making and online-dating, new social networking in our global world of online interaction and connection, there are numerous opportunities to meet new friends, strike up conversations, share ideas, thoughts and even more… like long term relationships and even marriage!

It is a trend that is here to stay and which will be with us for generations to come. Some of the tradition, culture, influence and heritage of these practices goes way back to chaperoning and arranged marriages, still prevalent in some societies and ethnic groups.

For those caught up in a fast-paced, career-oriented life, with very little to almost no time for the social aspects of going out, socializing, frequenting bars and the like, there is  matchmaking and online dating, that in effect,  offers answers and solutions for finding and meeting others, for friendship, chats, exchanges, casual or serious, short-term or longer-term, even intimate relationships and marriage. The whole spectrum is represented.

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