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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Getting Dumped
Chapter 2 – Signs You Are About To Get Dumped
Chapter 3 – What Not To Do
Chapter 4 – The Rocking Soda Machine Effect
Chapter 5 – Getting Angry.
Chapter 6 – Jessie’s Story
Chapter 7 – Take A Look At Your Relationship
Chapter 8 – The Bargaining Stage
Chapter 9 – Treat Yourself Good.
Chapter 10 – Depression
Chapter 11 – Jim’s Story
Chapter 12 – When To Seek Counseling
Chapter 13 – Avoid The Rebound
Chapter 14 – The Turning Point
Chapter 15 – Forgiving Your Ex
Chapter 16 – Ready To Date Again
Chapter 17 – 20 Tips On Bouncing Back After Getting Dumped

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Chapter 1 – Getting Dumped

Probably one of the worst pain imaginable is when the man or woman of your dreams tells you that they don’t want to see you anymore. Few things in life hurt like this. Most people would rather take a physical beating than face the pain of a breakup. At least they know the physical beating will heal. Breakups? Sometimes it takes them years to heal. And many people never get over the breakup.

By saying that you may never get over the breakup does not imply that you are doomed to suffer for the rest of your life while pining away for the person who broke your heart. No, you will move on. But never again without that certain bit of fear that it could end at a moment’s notice as we realize nothing in life is guaranteed.

It is often said the only true love we ever experience is our first love. It is the only time we walk into a relationship totally innocent of the pain of getting dumped and the only time we give our hearts so freely, without fear. After that, we always put up a little bit of a guard.

In addition to the pain of getting dumped, there is also the humiliation aspect. Most of us feel that when someone tells us they don’t want to see us anymore, it is because of something that is wrong with us. We are not good looking enough. We did something that offended them. If only we did not say “x.” What can we do to change ourselves so that he or she will come back?

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