Mastering The Art Of Converting Words Into Gold MRR Ebook

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
The Body Of The Copy
Chapter 2:
Maintaining The Flow Till The End
Chapter 3:
Write It Like Telling A Story
Chapter 4:
Build It Up Through Pain, Aggravation and Solution
Chapter 5:
Presenting The Offer
Wrapping Up

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How come marketing or promotion materials should be any different? Remember, you’re having a conversation with the buyer. In some manner it’s really intimate. You’re asking the buyer to make a purchasing conclusion that will affect — in a humble or even major way — his life, vocation, or business. Doesn’t he or she merit a friendly conversational tone?

A conversational flavor in copywriting doesn’t inevitably mean casual or work-shy. 2 engineers talking over a new propulsion valve system would talk really differently than 2 surfers deliberating the virtues of a new board wax. Conversational authorship is about connecting with the target audience by re-creating the style, tone, and language those people utilize when discussing a certain class of products or services.

It is no surprise that the most successful promotional pieces ever composed have a conversational tone. In a lot of these, you get a true sense of the writer’s voice, and what a helpful, enlightening, and persuasive voice it is. That voice might be more perceptible in a sales letter and less so in a pamphlet or press release, however it’s there.

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