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CHAPTER I – The Competitiveness In Workplace ……. 10
CHAPTER II – Trade Off with Time & Energy.. 21
CHAPTER III – Set A Benchmark And Work On It ……. 32
CHAPTER IV – Show Off Your Strength………. 39
CHAPTER V – Keep Learning And Sharing …. 46

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The world is often viewed by many sociologists as an urban jungle in which people have to vie for position and status in order to survive and succeed. Thus, wherever a person goes, one finds oneself in an odd position to develop and enhance one’s talents and assets to be able to cope with the ever-growing demands of the society and the world at large. Once a person graduates from college and applies for a job in a company or corporation, he/she finds oneself vying against other applicants for a specific position. A person immediately gets a taste of competition even at the very onset of one’s entry into the work force. And once one gets accepted in a corporate job, one finds oneself in an awkward situation of trying to be recognized in that workplace to gain further leverage and get promoted. The corporate world is a place wherein one has to carve out one’s way to get to the higher echelon of the corporate ladder. It’s as if one is shouldering his/her own way to get to a higher level. Yet it is a given fact that there are other people who also want to get to the higher level of the work force. In this situation, the workplace becomes a highly-charged and a highlycompetitive place wherein most people can be literally clawing at each other.

The Red Queen Effect

Corollary to this concept of a highly-charged and highly-competitive workplace is the idea of the “Red Queen Effect.” The Red Queen Effect is based on the idea of the character of the Red Queen from Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking Glass,” who stated: “Do nothing and fall behind, or run hard to stay where you are.” Leigh Van Valen, an American biologist, picked up this idea and elaborated on the evolutionary principle that “since competitors and enemies are also keen on evolving, one has to keep evolving too to keep abreast of the competitors.” If you look around, you will definitely discover that this “Red Queen Effect” is really happening everywhere. It is basically happening in the business landscape. It is also the driving force behind the development of technology. Likewise, it is also the overlying idea behind the quest of every employee to get a step ahead of the rest of the employees and aspire for higher or the number one spot in the corporation.

The Multiple Generations In The Workplace

Now, if you want to get ahead of the pack and excel in your workplace and get promoted, you need to study and understand the behavior and orientations of the work force in which you belong. It would be a bit easy to gauge the behavior of every employee if everybody is of the same orientation and background. But if the workforce wherein you belong comes from different generations with different orientations, it would take a bit of effort on your part to know why one employee behaves in this manner and another employee in a different manner. These differences in the work behavior and orientation of the people in the workforce are attributed to the differences in the generations among the workforce. Moreover, employees and employers have different points of view. There isa recognizable generation gap among employees owing to the fact that employees in a single work organization belong to various age brackets and generations. Let us take a look at the multiple generations which usually comprise the modern workforce.

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