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Chapter 1: Mantras-The Basics Chapter 2: The Belief About And Power Of Mantras

Chapter 3: What Problems Can Be Related To Mantras

Chapter 4: Producing Positive Mindset Chapter 5: Mantras And Illness

Chapter 6: Managing Pain With Mantra

Chapter 7: Practicing Mantra Effectively

Chapter 8: Effective Use For Healing

Chapter 9: Investigating Mantras Further

Chapter 10: The Things You’ll Miss Out On By Not Using Mantras

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 2: The Belief About And Power Of Mantras


Basically when the reference to mantra is made it is in connection to the power of the spoken word or sound. Many words are spoken that have little or no connection to the actual experience or implied consequences.

Looking A Little Deeper

If a person in warned about something verbally and the consequences are also explained the actual physical feeling of the consequences if not present and only implied. Similarly there are few words that can actually convey the exact equivalent of the experience but the power that the word carries is enough to imply the results.

It is a popular belief and accepted truth that repeating a mantra expounds tremendous power. Those who are very knowledgeable in the mantra field attest to this unexplained but ever present power. Abundance can take many forms, such as health, wealth, friends to name a few, all of which can be successfully attained with the influence of mantra as a result of repetitive chants. This then releases the unseen power in vibrations that work cosmically to the desired results.

Each mantra is said to be liked to its original source of an actual sage or historical person. Most of these tradition practices predates the written speech and as such further emphasizes the power of the spoken word. Also accepted as a fact, is the form of mediation and intuition that is required, in order to participate with a degree of success. There is a direct link between the mantra sound and the chakras located thorough out human body.

The power of the mantra is explained as that of fire. Fire known for its destructive and also helpful qualities is the same as mantra is many ways. The power derived from mantra can be very destructive and energy sapping if not practiced under strict supervision by an experienced person. However as most practitioners have yet to reach the level of total enlightenment the danger is not really present.

Chapter 3: What Problems Can Be Related To Mantras


When you hear something consistently enough, there is a very real possibility that it eventually becomes a reality in one’s own mind. Repeat a rumor enough times and it will eventually become a wrongly accepted truth. That is the power of the spoken word, whether cosmically of not.

What To Be Aware Of

Conduct a simple experiment in the confines of a quite room. Upon repeating a certain phrase long and loud enough, a certain different level of consciousness is developed that can manifest itself as very real in the mind’s eye.

Also the tone and emotion involved in the repetitive sound will vary in intensity. Somewhat unnerving, but very likely and true.

Thus a lot of “gurus” today advocate speaking out repetitively a desire with the intention of seeing it successfully manifesting into reality. The only problem with this is that some people take this to be literal and therefore do not put in any physical effort to reach the desired goal in the first place.

While there are yet others who take the mantra practice to the extreme, which eventually can lead to occult practices. Rituals and other negative elements are added on to create the environment needed to cause intimidation and control. This of course is not meant to be but not uncommon.

As the mantra incantations are said to create powerful vibes that are meant to “attract” cosmic forces, this power should never be under estimated or taken for granted. Just as these “outside” powers can be used to achieve good, it can just as easily be used to the opposite results.

The process of mysterious healing of the spiritual, physical and psychological should not be considered over and above actual medical help when addressing an ailment or illness. It should be used as a complimenting feature with positive influence.

Chapter 4: Producing Positive Mindset


In seeking alternatives to mainstream lifestyle practices, mantra comes up as a possible choice. Understanding the basic principles of mantra will assist in its actual successful practice.

Good Things Can Happen

Mantra is basically the avocation to the belief that there is tremendous power linked to the spoken word. What the tongue speaks the mind believes, thus by following the chanting of mantras it is possible to invoke this positive energy for various reasons.

In some cultures today the practice of repeating mantras is a daily ritual. This ritual if followed diligently to create a positive mindset to face the turmoil and troubles that may occur during the course of a day.

This mindset brought on by the practice of regular daily mantra sessions have proven to be very advantages to those individuals practicing this in keeping their stress levels under control or to a minimal.

There are many specific mantras that can be chanted to harness the positive energy for various purposes. These mantras when said repeatedly speak positive vibes into the situation or predicament.

By practicing these mantras regularly, the positive words spoken and continually heard aloud, can also “feed” the mind to change a bad thought or scenario into a good one.

For those who battle low self esteem issues, self sabotage thoughts, and general lack of determination, mantra is a worthwhile exercise to pursue.

These conditions are all directly related to the mindset of an individual, thus by reciting positive mantras regularly, the mind can be “fooled” into believing in a more positive and edifying outlook of things and circumstances.

If done consistently enough, this can then create a confident reality in the mind which will then transcend into the actions and demeanor of the individual.

With so much negative elements and energy in the world today, discovering elements or practices that promise good things can never be useless.

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