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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1:
The Rich Do Not Play By Our Rules
Chapter 2:
The Richest People In The World Are Traders And Flippers
Chapter 3:
Investment Rules
Chapter 4:
The Difference Between Investing And Trading
Chapter 5:
How To Get Cash Flow From A Bank Without Refinancing
Chapter 6:
Focus On Cash Flow Rather Than Cash Sucking Liabilities
Chapter 7:
Be Happy During A Recession
Chapter 8:
The Winners Will Be Prepared In Any Situation

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Among the most crucial things for a small business is constant cash flow. As a matter of fact, it’s truly crucial for any business, but cash flow must move with fluidness – from incoming revenue, through bills and expenses like overhead, employee wages, and even supplies, to the ability to invest back into the company.
Keep It Fluid

Constant cash flow means your business is running smoothly and it’s critical that you’ve enough working capital to assure that everybody gets paid on time….including you. When you’re waiting for payment from a client, your cash flow has ceased.

This is when a lot of times, invoice factoring can come to the rescue – when a business has time periods that they can’t pay all of their bills because of waiting for payment on an account, your cash flow may continue and not stop when you use some strategy.

If you’re a small business, you must have a technique in place to keep your cash flow fluent – like factoring invoices owed to you. What this means is that you essentially are taking an asset – your accounts receivable – and selling them to a 3rd party, called a factoring company, who will give you income up front for the invoices. You receive the capital you need to meet your responsibilities. This is one thing for sure that you can do to keep your cash flow moving.

Any small business person needs to comprehend cash flow and make certain that their assets are fluid enough to convert to cash to cover financial obligations. This will help keep your company in business, particularly during hard economic times.

Moreover, asset fluidity means the ability of a business to change over assets into hard cash. It’s a crucial part of any small business practice, because working capital is truly crucial in business operations. Working capital and liquidity allow business owners to meet their responsibilities and to stay in business. Good cash flow is vital to the survival of a business, big or little.

Assets are what bring value in the form of cash to your company and it may be product inventory, machinery, tools, or even the building where your office is. The reverse of an asset is a liability. It’s an obligation or out flowing of funds like a loan that you’re making payments on, bills, rent, wages or another responsibility that costs you revenue. In order to cover the cost of your business liabilities, you need to turn assets into hard cash, and liquidity is when you turn an asset into hard cash.

Liquidity likewise represents the degree that an asset can be switched over in a business transaction without dropping off any value. Cash is probably your most fluid asset, while inventory is another asset that you could turn into cash. Invoices are likewise assets, but not as liquid.

You are able to turn invoices that are owed to you into hard cash while waiting for their payment thru invoice factoring. A factoring company will view your customers’ credit and may pay you the majority of what’s owed to you inside as little as twenty-four to forty-eight hours. Invoice factoring is a business survival strategy that’s been around for more than 4,000 years.

Bottom line…focus on cash flow instead of liabilities.


All of us recognize that happiness laughter is beneficial. We’ve heard it being repeated over and over about how laughter advances healthiness, emotional well-being and a better world. But occasionally just knowing this isn’t enough to drive an individual to change their habits.

Lighten Up

View the cup half full and not half empty. When foul things happen, don’t just center on the negative of the situation. Doing that will drive you loony! View the beneficial side to everything that you deem damaging. Viewing the good out of every damaging thing will likewise keep you in good spirits as you won’t be viewing things in a damaging way but in a favorable way. Thinking positive is the main point here.

Work out! Doing exercise step-ups you endorphin levels, releases tension and helps you get into better shape, which likewise in turn helps you feel better. Doing physical exercise, keeping positive and not letting the little things get to will keep you in good spirits, and give you more beneficial relationships with everyone.

If I asked you to name what a depressed individual looks like, can you do it? It should be easy. Humped shoulders, slumped posture, eyes looking down, frowning, no energy and so forth. The anatomy is wired this way. When you feel blue, you’ll act/look this way. When you act/look this way, you’ll feel blue. There’s a physical neurological association between the 2.

So likewise, we have an association between happiness and laughter. When you’re happy, you make yourself laugh. When you laugh, you’re making yourself pleased.

In an experiment to examine effects of laughter and grinning, clinically depressed individuals were asked to smile (with no reason for doing so) for a particular length of time daily. This lasted for weeks. At the end of the study, all implied in the study reported feeling much happier as a result of it than they ever did in a lot of years of treatment and medicine.

What does this say to us? It tells us that how happy we prefer to be partly depends upon how often we decide to laugh.

There have been assorted medical analyses made on the advantages of laughter. As a matter of fact, many MDs around the world encourage patients to rent amusing movies, cartoons, listen to jokes and so forth to help in their convalescence. Laughter isn’t just an outside display of happiness, but inside the body there’s stuff happening likewise. Laugher activates positive chemical and hormonal changes in the body. This is how it bears on one’s health.

When you laugh, what you’re doing is telling yourself that you are able to handle the state of affairs. Unconsciously that’s what you’re telling your mind. While you’re laughing your mind believes “Wait a minute, I’m laughing. That must mean that I may handle this. I guess matters aren’t that foul after all”

Laughter promotes favorable thoughts and feelings, and these have an affect on the body. I’m a firm believer of the phrase ‘What you think, you become’. Damaging thoughts and self image brings on discomfort and illnesses, while laughter and favorable thoughts renew and heals the body.

With so many advantages and reasons to laugh, cultivate a lifestyle filled with smiles and laughter. It might be difficult at the start, but keep at it for a while and this habit will be formed inside you. So begin today and laugh away!

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