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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
What Is Manifesting
Chapter 3:
Deciding What To Manifest
Chapter 4:
How Visualization Works
Chapter 5:
Getting In The Right Mindset
Chapter 6:
Negative Mindset In Visualization
Chapter 7:
Making Mind Movies
Chapter 8:
Visualization Exercises
Chapter 9:
Advantages And Disadvantages
Chapter 10:

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Chapter 4: How Visualization Works


Understanding how visualization works helps in visualizing better. Using a technique mindlessly might not yield the desired results.

How It Works

The mind is made up of 2 parts, the conscious mind and the subconscious. We think with our conscious or rational mind and whatsoever we think repeatedly sinks into our subconscious mind or creative mind. The subconscious is like a computer. It can’t think on its own, it can’t differentiate between good and bad, between true and false. It takes on face value, whatsoever is presented to it.

When the conscious mind gives the subconscious the same thought over and over, it begins taking the thought seriously and sets out bringing it into existence.

Our life of experiences are stored in the subconscious to which it has access. It likewise has access to the Universal mind for which nothing is inconceivable.

The subconscious then brings about conditions in which our repetitive thought is manifested.

I once read a story which demonstrates how visualization works in a spectacular, though damaging, way. (So, ‘be careful what you ask. You might get it.’)

A guy had a daughter who had terrible arthritis. He tried a lot of medications but without result. Whenever he would meet somebody, he used to say, “I’ll give my right arm to cure my daughter” naturally he made the remark figuratively however he made it again and again.

Strangely, a few years later, when he was travelling in an automobile, he met with an accident in which his right arm was torn from his body. Inside a few days, his daughter’s arthritis was cured!

In order to understand how visualization works, we have to comprehend that the pre-eminent language of the subconscious is pictures.

Though it translates words equally well, it’s more easily shaped by pictures. That’s why visualization is so effective in making your subconscious deliver to you whatever it is that you wish.

It’s likewise crucial to visualize only the ending result and not the procedure. We have to tell the subconscious only what we wish. Leave it to the subconscious to decide the procedure of getting it.

A picture is worth 1000 words. We’ve all heard that saying previously! This has never been truer than in the case of utilizing visualization. Visualization is a great tool to deal with the disease and sickness in your life. Visualization, a meditation method, utilizes pictures or imagery to balance the mind and boost our body back to total wellness. The brain is divided into 2 sides – our left logical side and our right creative side. Most of our life is spent utilizing the left, logical side of the brain. By utilizing visualization we yield to our right creative side and get a balance of the brain. This balance helps the natural healing procedures of the mind and body.

Visualization utilizes imagery to alter your emotions, which alters your feelings, which then turns into physical sensation that may relieve or eliminate symptoms.

The mental form of the mind is emotion and emotion brings about feelings. The body s physical form is sensation. When we get an emotion it brings about a feeling that turns into a physical sensation. Visualization supplies positive images for the brain that change your emotions that produce a feeling which turns into a sensation.

That s how you get at your mind-body connection.

Most times we’re in logical, left brain mode for survival. This induces an imbalance in the brain. By giving in to our right brain we access the mind-body connection which fixes the balance of the brain and opens us up to change and replenishment.

It has been demonstrated that negative emotions lower our immune system and keeps us mired mentally. Having negative emotions delays and stops us from achieving our goals and really inhibits the brain in achieving what we wish. Positive emotions really boost the immune system and make the brain work in a balanced mode which is conducive to change.

The process to visualization is easy. 1) Find a calm place. 2) Define your intent. 3) Center on the breath and breathing. 4) Start your visualization. Visualization commonly takes a few weeks to work and ought to be done in the morning and at night before bedtime. But, many individuals find results after the very first time. To have a successful outcome, you have to be specific when you define your intent and feel, realize and believe that it is going to work!

Chapter 5: Getting In The Right Mindset


Another step in the creative visualization procedure is to learn how to trust that you already have your specified outcome in the here and now. This isn’t about wishful thinking or betraying yourself. It is about recognizing the truth behind reality creation and having the sort of faith that’s the “evidence of things not seen”.

Your Mindset

What is included in believing: To believe something is to sincerely know it. It is to no longer have to think about it. If you trust you have your intent in your here and now you do not have to be in a place of anticipation or wondering where it is as you already have it. During your visualization sessions, trust that you already have what you intend by seeing yourself amply experiencing the choice itself. The words of Jesus perfectly capture the essence of how to believe: “What things so ever you ask for when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you shall have them” (Mark 11:24).

So how to get in the right mindset and believe: Relax utilizing the relaxation techniques below.

Find yourself a quiet place where you know you won’t be disturbed for at least one-half hour. Sit straight in a comfy seat with your feet on the floor, your back supported and your hands resting on in lap. You may choose to lie down if you prefer as long as you are able to keep yourself from falling asleep during the procedure.

Close your eyes and take 3 to 5 deep, abdominal breaths. Breathe in deeply and steadily through your nose letting your stomach rise slightly or push out. This loosens up your diaphragm and helps more air to enter your lungs. Hold your breath momentarily and then breathe out slowly through your mouth, letting your stomach return to its normal position.

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