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Introduction …………………………….. 4
Finding suitable affiliate products for your market ……………. 7

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Right at this moment, at this very moment as you read these first few words of this book, there are thousands of online marketers both new and more experienced who are trying to generate an online income from affiliate marketing. They are people who, instead of creating their own product or service to sell as the basis around which they build their online business empire, have chosen to sell other peoples products or services in return for a commission for every successful sale.

Some of these individuals will be spectacularly successful in their affiliate marketing efforts, generating five or even six-figure sums every month from affiliate sales. The majority however will never do much more than make a few dollars here and there from affiliate marketing, never really getting much beyond the first step of affiliate marketing.

There are many reasons for this, amongst which one of the main problems is the fact that affiliate marketing is an ultra competitive business, a fact which I believe many would be affiliate marketing success stories vastly underestimate.

But, if you take a moment to think about the nature of affiliate marketing, the size and scope of the problem should be obvious.

As an affiliate marketer, you attempt to generate sales commissions by promoting and marketing products or services that are created by other people. Most commonly, you will do this from your website (although it is not strictly necessary to have a website to promote as an affiliate) as will hundreds or thousands of other individuals who are pushing the same product or service.

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