Making Chocolate 101 Plr Ebook

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Ebook Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 – Why Should You Make Homemade Chocolate?    3
Chapter 2 – Traditional Chocolate Making    4
Chapter 3 – Making Great Homemade Chocolate Without a Lot of Work    5
Chapter 4 – Best Types of Chocolate to Use in Homemade Chocolate    6
Chapter 5 –   5 Tools You Will Need to Make Homemade Chocolate    7
Chapter 6 – Making Sugar Free Chocolate    8
Chapter 7 – Making Low Fat Chocolate    9
Chapter 8 – 5 Fun Ways to Make Your Chocolate Unique    10
Chapter 9 – Using Molds    11
Chapter 10 – Tips for Making Better Homemade Chocolate    12
Chapter 11 – Tips for Packaging Your Homemade Chocolate    14
Chapter 12 – Homemade Chocolate Ideas for Christmas    15
Chapter 13 – Making the Holidays More Festive with Homemade Chocolate Drinks    16
Chapter 14 – Homemade Chocolate Ideas for Easter    18
Chapter 15 – Homemade Chocolate Ideas for Other Holidays    19
Chapter 16 – Homemade Chocolate Ideas for Birthdays    21
Chapter 17 – Homemade Chocolate Ideas for Weddings and Wedding Showers    22
Chapter 18 – Homemade Chocolate Ideas for Other Occasions    24
Chapter 19 – Making Gourmet Homemade Chocolate    25
Chapter 20 – Making Money Selling Homemade Chocolate    26
Chapter 21 – Conclusion    27

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Chapter 1 – Why Should You Make Homemade Chocolate?

Most people have never really even though about making their own homemade chocolate, they just buy chocolate bars or chocolate cookies at the store and don’t think twice about it.  But people have been making homemade chocolate for hundreds of years.  Some people think that homemade chocolate tastes much better than commercial chocolate. And who doesn’t love getting a special chocolate treat that was made just for them?

For people that have special medical conditions or dietary challenges that make it unhealthy for them to eat commercial chocolate that is loaded with sugar and fat making homemade chocolate is a good way for them to be able to enjoy having some chocolate without having to worry about the health problems that they would face from eating commercially made chocolate.

People that have severe allergies to things that are often found in commercially made chocolate, like nuts, have to be extremely careful about the types and brands of commercially made chocolate that they eat and many prefer to make homemade chocolate so that they know it’s free of any nuts or nut products.

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