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Introduction …4
Money-Making Blogging Begins With Owning Your Web Real Estate ….6
Make Money from Your Blog Today with Affiliate Marketing .8
How Does Affiliate Marketing Work? ..8
Benefiting from Long-Term Cookies ..9
Why You Absolutely, Positively Must Be Building an Email List through Your Blog ….11
Write an Email Once and Make Money Forever with Autoresponders ….11
Selling Your Own Digital Products and Courses …13
Online Course Creation 14
Selling Ad Space …15
Think Outside the Usual Ad Placement Box ….15
Writing Sponsored Posts …..17
Sell Virtual and Real-World Services …19
Selling Online Services through Your Blog 19
Offer Coaching and Other How-To Services .21
Sell Physical Merchandise …23
Sell VIP Memberships and Gated Content Upgrades …25
Internet Webinars and Live Seminars ..27
Resources to Help You Build, Grow and Make Money From Your Blog 29
Top 10 Tips for Making Money from Your Blog ….30
Conclusion …32

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You probably don’t need to generate that much income from your blog to quit your current job and provide financial security for your family. The good news is that your blog can do exactly that. In this guide on how to make money blogging, you will first learn how to get your blog up and running. There are easy to use, free and paid options which can have you sharing your content with the world in no time. Seriously, if you know how to send and receive emails, you have the technological know-how to build, manage and make money from a blog. Creating your blog is the easy part. Once you start blogging, how do you begin to turn your web property into a passive income source? That is what the meat of this report is about. The monetization methods discussed here are used every day by the most successful bloggers to generate truly life-changing income.

You will learn about the simplest and fastest way to make money from your blog with the fewest headaches and little to no customer follow-up (affiliate marketing). We will also discuss passive revenue streams that take a little more time and effort to develop (selling your own digital products), but you benefit from ownership of the products you sell as well as 100% control over the process.

Let’s get started on your blogging monetization education with a short discussion on how to create your web property, and why it is imperative to own your blog.

Money-Making Blogging Begins With Owning Your Web Real Estate

Starting a blog has never been easier. Sites like and can have you up and running in less than 5 minutes. You pick a name for your blog, choose a template, write a post, and click submit. Congratulations. You are now an official blog owner.

These platforms are free and recognized by Google, as well as easy to use. You invest nothing more than your time and mental energy, which is the biggest selling point for free blogging platforms like these.,,, and are a few of the other popular free blogging platforms. As easy as these types of blogging services are to set up and manage, here is why you probably shouldn’t be using them.

You don’t own your blog.

Ownership on the web is important. Imagine that you take the time to build a blog on one of the above-mentioned platforms. Everything goes swimmingly well, you begin to attract some serious traffic from the search engines that doesn’t cost you a penny, and you are actually making money from your blogging efforts. Then one day you attempt to log into your blog, and it isn’t there.

This is what can happen when you don’t own your own domain name and host your blog yourself. By the way, this is a very real occurrence that happens all the time. You absolutely must own your little corner of the web. That means purchasing a domain name from a domain name provider like GoDaddy. You can buy a domain name for about $15 or $20 per year, and GoDaddy offers sales all the time. You then turn to someone like HostGator for your hosting plan, and that company currently offers monthly hosting for less than $10 per month.

You install a website platform like WordPress (, not to be confused with the free site) and begin blogging. There is a little more effort involved, but you can pay someone at sites like Fiverr and $50 to $100 to create your blog. This way you own the domain name. No one can kick your blog out or delete it for any reason.

The reason free blogging platforms are so popular is that they don’t cost any money. You probably have come to realize in life that you get what you pay for. If you want to get a blog started immediately, by all means, use one of the free platforms if money is a problem right now. However, you should start tucking away some cash so you can eventually own your own dedicated blog.

This gives you 100% control over your destiny, and with such low costs for entry and ongoing maintenance, it doesn’t make any sense to put the future of your blog into the hands of a free blogging platform provider that can shut it down at any time, without having to explain why they do so.

Make Money from Your Blog Today with Affiliate Marketing

You probably have heard of a company called Amazon. The world’s largest retailer online or off achieved a market capitalization of a staggering 1 trillion dollars in September of 2018. That is 1,000 billion dollars. Do you know what Amazon’s premier source of advertising is? Affiliate marketing is the main advertising model Amazon has chosen for getting web surfers to buy items from its online marketplace.

Affiliate marketing is without a doubt the easiest and quickest way to make money online. You don’t even need to own a blog or website to benefit from this powerful marketing model. Pat Flynn is the creator of the Smart Passive Income blog and podcast. Each month he reports the income earned from different marketing methods. He routinely makes more than $30,000 per month from affiliate marketing.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Have you ever worked as a salesperson? If so, you understand that you got paid for selling products you do not own. That is what affiliate marketing is. Individuals and companies will pay you a commission when you convince someone to buy the products or services that an individual or company is selling. All you do is send traffic to a website or blog, and if someone you sent to that web property makes a purchase, you get paid.

Commissions can range from as low as 4% to as much as 100% per sale. You don’t deal with customer service, refunds, or product delivery. All you do is write high-quality blog posts, publish them, include your affiliate link and then work on getting as many people to read your blog post as possible.

Head to a top affiliate marketing platform like Amazon Associates, ClickBank or JV Zoo. You can alternately perform a search for “your blogging niche” + “affiliate offers” to find a company offering affiliate marketing opportunities relevant to your blog. Register for free and browse around for a product to promote. You will be given a different affiliate link for each product you choose, and you add that link to your blog posts.

If anyone reading your content clicks that link, he or she is taken to the sales page of the product you are promoting. You are paid if that person buys that product or any other product from the company you are affiliated with. Once the sale is made, there is nothing else for you to do. Product delivery, customer follow-up, up-selling, and any other customer interaction is handled by the company you are working with, not by you.

Benefiting from Long-Term Cookies

Amazon currently offers 24-hour cookies to its affiliates. What is a cookie? An affiliate cookie is a piece of code that tells a company where its traffic came from. This is how Amazon, ClickBank or any other company knows who has earned a commission. Amazon is very good at converting traffic into buyers. All you have to do is consistently send Amazon traffic through your blog, and for up to 24 hours after one of your readers clicks an affiliate link, if they buy anything at all from Amazon, you get a percentage of the sale.

When deciding on a company to promote, look for long-term cookies. Some websites offer 30-day cookies to their affiliates. In this case, if someone clicks on an affiliate link on your blog and doesn’t buy anything immediately, you can still make money. If that person returns to the website you are affiliated with and buys anything within the next 30 days, you get the commission.

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