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Myth #2– Making Money Overnight

This second myth ties in with the first. Many of the same people who believe that making money online is easy also tend to believe that Internet marketing can and will make them money overnight.

Now while overnight doesn’t necessarily mean literally making money overnight, it refers to the misconception that internet marketing can make a person good amounts of money in a very, very short period of time. While this can happen, it is certainly not the norm. And more importantly, it should not be expected.

It’s pretty unreasonable to expect to “jump into” Internet marketing and be making six figures overnight, or even within the first six months. Again, it’s possible, and you can and possibly should strive for it, but don’t expect it. As mentioned in the first myth, making money online requires consistent effort over time.

Taking this approach will help you to be successful in making money in the long term. It can also help you get to that five figures per month, six figures per year income quicker because you will already know and be prepared for this to be a long term game. And because of this you will be much more likely to keep investing effort and taking consistent action, even if (when) your first attempts don’t quite work out how you hoped.

Myth #3– You Must be an Expert on Your Topic

Of all the things that seem to hold people back from taking the plunge into online business, this myth appears to be the most common. The idea that you must first be an expert on your topic in order to start an online business around that topic is completely false. While being an expert (and being seen as one, which is often more important) can be nice, it is far from essential. There are plenty of people who are able to make good amounts of money online while not being experts in their chosen topic.

Becoming a relative expert in many cases can be easier and more beneficial than you think. What is a “relative expert?’ A relative expert is someone who, though not an expert, is seen to be more of an expert on a particular topic than the person he/she is informing. An example would be maybe you’ve only coached soccer for two seasons. You are likely far from being an expert coach, however an aspiring soccer coach who has never coached soccer at all may see you as being an expert compared to them.

This is where the beneficial part comes into play. Instead of waiting to start something after you work to become an expert in a particular topic (which can be a long, hard journey), you have at least two options available right now.

Option 1: Pick a topic or skill you are interested in, obtain a working knowledge of that topic or skill, and begin talking about that topic and/or using that skill.

Option 2: Make a list of skills or topics that you can see yourself already having relative expertise in and begin talking about that topic and/or using that skill.

By doing this, you are utilizing one of the most powerful tools you already have at your disposal (Hint: without it you won’t make any money online). That tool is taking action. By taking action now, you can get started, and learn as you go. You don’t need to be an expert on your topic; you just need to know slightly more than the person you would be talking to.

In addition to this approach, you can take the stance of being someone who is “figuring it out”, recording your journey of what you learn, and reporting it back to people who aren’t as far along the path as you. This can be a great route to making money online through affiliate marketing, while you build up your skill and reputation.

Myth #4– One “All-Inclusive Course” is All You Need

Most programs promising to teach how to make money online are scams. No surprise there. But the reason why they are a scam is important. They either require you to replicate their system (i.e. make money online by teaching “how to make money online”) or they do not provide enough of the right actionable steps for a newbie to take—steps that are critical in seeing a real result. The first one is something that people have become very familiar with, but it still warrants saying: Steer clear of these.

The second is the one to focus more on. Rarely are you going to find one “all-inclusive course” that can take you soup to nuts from knowing nothing to making money online. The reason for this is because in order to learn how to make money online, you need to not only have the “what and how”, but you also need to have the mindset. One of the main reasons that people fail at trying to make money online is that they are only approaching things from half of the equation. They are trying to play chess while missing half of their pieces (the most important ones).

Your mindset is critical to being able to successfully make money online. If it were as easy as point here and click there, then everyone who bought an online program on how to make money, would be making money. And then many, many more people, likely most everyone you know, would have bought his/her internet marketing program and be super successful online too.

But this isn’t the case, as is well known. The piece that is missing is the mindset. What most courses don’t teach you is how to build your mindset so that you can successfully take the actions and implement the things necessary to make money online.

While you can sometimes find it in a course, people most likely have to find this piece on their own. And there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you don’t believe the myth that all you need to do to make money online is by that one “all-inclusive course.”

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