How To Cure Your Technophobia Personal Use Ebook With Video

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Table of Contents

Introduction 1
Web Page Design & Display Questions 3
Why does my website look funny in Internet Explorer – it works in Firefox? 3
How do I align my text the way I want it? 5
How do I change the fonts on my page? 5
How do I add my logo to my page? 8
How do I make a link? 10
How do I turn a picture into a link? 10
How do I make that “yellow highlighter” text on my squeeze page? 11
How do I make my page load faster? 12
How do I resize my pictures? 13
How do I use Frames and IFrames? 14
How do I embed a YouTube video on my site? 15
How can I put an MP3 player onto my site? 17
How do I add a “Bookmark This Page” function to my site? 18
How do I add a “Tell a Friend” function to my site? 19
How do I create custom Buttons for my site? 19
How do I add a Captcha to my site? 20
How do I rotate the images on my site so visitors see a random image each time it loads? 20
How can I paste text from a Word document into my site without getting a bunch of gibberish characters? 22
How can I make transparent PNG graphics display correctly on Internet Explorer version 6? 22
What is a “Favicon” and how do I make one? 23
I built my site on my computer and it looks great, but when I uploaded it to my server the pictures are missing – how do I fix this? 24
Why do I have raw code displaying on part of my site, and how do I get rid of it? 25
When I send my code to my server the links end up with “%20” characters in them – how do I get rid of these? 26
How do I set the Title of my page? 26
WordPress Questions 27
How can I put my logo on the Header of my WordPress theme? 27
How do I set my first page to not be a blog page? 32
I’ve set my Home page to be a static page, but now I have 2
“Home” items on my menu – how do I get rid of one of them? 34
How do I remove items from my WordPress Menu? 35
I don’t want to show “Blogroll” or “Categories” on my sidebar – how do I remove them? 36
How do I add my AWeber contact form to my sidebar? 37
How do I remove the Date from all of my pages and posts? 37
How can I add my signature to each post? 38
How do I modify the footer of my WordPress theme? 39
How can I remove the sidebar from selected pages on my WordPress site? 40
How do I put Adsense advertisements on my WordPress page? 41
How do I add Google Analytics to my WordPress site? 42
How do I add a Google Map to my WordPress site? 42
How do I make my WordPress links more “SEO Friendly”? 43
How can I move my WordPress site to a new host? 44
How do I backup my WordPress site? 45
How do I paste a PHP script into my WordPres s pages or posts? 46
Hosting and Domain Questions 47
How do I copy my website to my host? 47
How can I buy a domain name from Godaddy and use Hostgator as my host? 48
How do I keep people from browsing through the directories on my site? 50
How do I setup the file and folder permissions on my site? 51
How can I tell what version of PHP and MySQL I have on my host? 52
What is an “IonCube Loader” and how do I install one? 52
What is a “Robots.txt” file and how do I make one? 53
What is a “.htaccess” file and how do I make one? 54
What is a “CRON Job” and how do I set one up? 55
What steps can I take to protect my site against hackers? 55
How do I backup my entire website? 57
Script and Database Questions 59
My script needs a database – how do I make one? 59
How do I test my database to make sure it’s working? 60
How do I configure my script to work with my database? 61
How do I make an exit pop-up for my squeeze page? 61
How do I display the current Date (or Time) on my page? 63
How do I mask my affiliate links? 64
How do I learn HTML, PHP, JavaScript and MySQL? 65
How do I make a page redirect to another page? 66
What is a “PAD File”, and how do I make one? 67
What is an “XML Sitemap” and how do I get one? 67
How do I setup my own Forum? 67
How can I send users from different countries to different home pages on my site? 68
How can I send users with different screen sizes to different home pages on my site? 69
How do I prevent my site from displaying within a frame? 70
How do I redirect my page to another page after a time delay? 70
Sales Funnel Questions 72
How do setup and protect my Download Page? 72
How can I add a video to my squeeze page that plays when the page is loaded? 73
How can I add my AWeber (or GetResponse) contact form to my squeeze page? 73
How do I add a custom PayPal button to my page? 75
General Questions 76
How do I open a “rar” or a “gz” file? 76
What software do I need to transfer files to my host? 76
What is a good free text editor for working with scripts? 77
Are there any good free HTML editors? 77
How do I make my document into a PDF file? 77
How do I make a video of my screen? 78
How can I take screenshots to use in my e-book? 79
How do I view an FLV video on my computer? 80
How do I measure the size of the elements on my web pages? 80
How do I match colors on a web page? 81
Understanding Geek Speak! 82
What is HTML and XHTML? 82
What is JavaScript? 82
What is PHP? 83
What is an Apache Server? 83
What is XML? 83
What is RSS? 83
What is AJAX? 84
What is a CMS? 84
What is L inux? 85
What is FTP? 85
What is MySQL? 85
What is ASP? 86
What is TCP/IP? 86
What is WordPress? 86
What is Dreamweaver? 86
What is FrontPage? 87
What is Photoshop? 87
What is a Cookie? 87
What is an Autoresponder? 88
What is SEO? 88
What are Meta Tags? 88
What Are NoFollow Tags? 88

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Greetings fellow Internet Marketers, and thank you so much for purchasing this training course!

My name is Bill Jamshedji and my partner in crime is Greg Dalberri. We have combined our love of Internet Marketing, WordPress and Technology to create WP Done Right, a site dedicated to helping Internet Marketers and bloggers get the most out of WordPress and related technologies.

I spend a lot of time on the Warrior Forum and other Internet Marketing forums, not only to receive great advice and participate in lively discussions, but also to assist fellow participants who are having problems with the technical aspects of Internet Marketing.

I’m always happy to assist fellow marketers and have some pretty good qualifications to do so. I have an extensive technical background, I was actually on the Internet (e-mail, Telnet, Gopher, Veronica) in 1989, a few years before the World Wide Web and webpage’s even existed. I have used this experience to help other marketers with the technical tasks that they often (understandably) find frustrating and elusive.

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