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Chapter 01 – Getting Started As An Affiliate
Chapter 02 – How To Choose A Clickbank Product To Promote?
Chapter 03 – Your Hoplink
Chapter 04 – How To Market An Affiliate Product Using A Website?
Chapter 05 – How Will People Find Your Site?

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So to explain to you how to get started in affiliate marketing, we are going to use Clickbank as an example, although there are many other reputable affiliate companies as well, such as paydotcom, Commission Junction, Pepperjam, and countless others.

To sign up as an affiliate at clickbank, all you have to do is go to their home page at

At the top of the page, you will see a link that says “sign up”, and you click on that link to create your affiliate account.

When you sign up, you need to give Clickbank your physical address, because they will be mailing you a check for your commission. They do not currently have an option to pay via paypal, but they HAVE just introduced a direct to bank account system. This makes things a whole lot easier if you live outside the US.

They will also ask you to choose a nickname. This nickname is how you get your commissions, because you are going to include it in a link called a hoplink. Don’t worry it’s not madly complicated – this is just a web address that people can click on that includes your nickname so when you make sales, Clickbank knows who to pay.

When You Choose Your Nickname, Choose Wisely
We’ll talk more about hoplinks shortly, because they’re very important.
They are how you get paid.

Customers will be able to see the nickname in your hoplink, so keep that in mind when choosing it.

Also, once you choose that nickname, you will not be able to change it later.

Here’s how Clickbank works: when a publisher creates a digital product that they want to promote, they are going to want as much help selling that product as possible.

The best way for them to enlist an army of salespeople is to pay those salespeople, (referred to as affiliates), a generous commission. Generally they are going to pay most of the sales price to the affiliate. A product that sells for $37, for instance, will probably net the affiliate about $23 per sale.

A usual commission to an affiliate ranges from 50% – 75%

If a merchant pays too low a percentage to their affiliates, the affiliates are most likely not going to feel very inspired to promote the product, and the merchant’s sales will suffer.

There is a huge marketplace out there full of products that an affiliate can choose from when they decide what to promote.

From an affiliate’s point of view, it makes sense to spend their time and money promoting products that pay them well.

After the merchant creates their product (which is usually an ebook on any subject but could also be a service or software), they submit it to Clickbank for approval.

Clickbank will not accept any products that make false or misleading claims, or which promote illegal activity like spamming. They will also review a product for quality; Clickbank’s reputation is on the line with each product on their site, and it does not benefit them to accept a poor quality product that won’t sell well.

This is of course great for us as affiliates because we know that all Clickbank products will be of a certain quality.

How Merchants (the product seller NOT the affiliate) Get Paid?

With each sale of a product, Clickbank pays the merchant 92.5 percent of the sale price, less a $1 stocking charge. (Merchants also have to pay a one-time set-up fee of $49.95 to open an account with clickbank if you fancy becoming a merchant)

If someone comes to the Clickbank website, looks through the ‘Clickbank Marketplace’ (you can find this link on Clickbank’s home page), and then buys the product after clicking on the merchant’s link, then the merchant gets paid the 92.5 percent of the product minus the $1 stocking fee.

So the merchant does not have to pay any money to an affiliate in that case, because the customer found the merchant by themselves and bought directly through the merchant – they did not find the merchant through an affiliate or buy through the affiliates link.

You following this?

It’s pretty vital you understand so if not read the last few paragraphs again.

However, if someone goes to an affiliate’s web page and clicks on the affiliate’s link, which sends them to the merchant page, and then they buy the product…Clickbank pays the affiliate their percentage, say 70 percent of the product price, and then pays the merchant the remaining amount that they are due.

It may seem surprising that merchants would pay such a high percentage of their product’s price to an affiliate, but remember that this is very low-overhead product, so it’s easy for a merchant to be able to afford to do this. AND it encourages the affiliates to go out there and sell, sell, sell. The affiliate is the one spending his or her time and/or money promoting the product, and having motivated affiliates will vastly multiply a merchant’s profit margin.

And of course if a merchant pays your 70% of their product sale price for getting them a sale, it means they keep 30% of a sale that they wouldn’t have if you weren’t their affiliate.

It takes a bit of getting your head round but makes good business sense.

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