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Table of Contents

1. Introduction 2
2. Unclaimed and Bonus Money 3
3. Post on Websites, Blogs, Survey 4
4. Be a Freelancer 5
5. Sell Unwanted Goods 7
6. Sell Homemade Goods 8
7. Pooch Pampers 9
8. Promote Yourself 10
9. Random Money Spinners 13
10. Conclusion 15

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Promote yourself

There are so many ways to make money by promoting yourself and doing the things that busy working people haven’t the time to do. Be creative and think of ways to make money by selling your time to people.

Designated driver for partying people-put an ad at the local colleges and universities to be a group of partying students designated driver. Charge per person for the trip and some nights or weekends you could be working all night

Busking-this is a great way to make some extra pocket money if you can play a musical instrument

Take peoples rubbish to the dump if you have a trailer, charge per load

Mow lawns in your local neighbourhood

Clean windows in your local area, place an ad in local paper or at the supermarket

Assemble flat packs-lots of items come in flat packs and need to be assembled. A lot of people hate having to build them and have no idea where to start.

Tutor in your best subject to high school, college and Uni students-if you were good at a subject like Maths or English why not make some money and Tutor local school kids in their home or your home. Charge an hourly fee and soon you will have built up a nice money earner for yourself

Sell your digital photos to a site that sells them on to others-if you are handy with a digital camera and like taking photographs, there are web sites that will pay for them

Photograph and video kid’s parties-this can be a real money maker as often the parents are too busy with the party to take photographs and video footage of their kids. Develop packages of set numbers of photographs to choose from and present them on a Cd, DVD, or get prints made. You can also do up albums in a scrapbooking format for them.

Cook for local markets and open a stall-when you visit the local markets there are stalls of selling home baked goods. Why not join in and start cooking and set up your own stall at the next markets.

Make specialty cakes for special occasions-there are many cake decorating courses out there and if this interests you and you like baking this can be a good earner. People like homemade cakes and will pay a good price for a child’s specialty birthday cake, christening cake, baby shower cake and many others like graduation, engagement and wedding.

Interpreter-if you speak a second language there is a lot of freelance work for translators on a variety of web sites. Even the local hospital needs interpreters.

Teach English-another way to make money if you speak another language. Teach new arrivals to speak English. Advertise at community rooms and employment agencies.

Make your trade work for you from home-if you are tired of working for a boss and you have a trade, why not work from home and work when you want to. Any sort of trade or skill is marketable; you need to find the market by advertising in local papers and at the supermarket or community centres.

Many people are happy to employ a handyman to do some painting, gardening, carpentry and similar jobs.

Create art masterpieces-if you have some artistic talent and can paint scenes, people or animals, why not start painting and go to the local craft markets and sell your work. A lot of money can be made from selling small reasonably priced art work. If people come to your stall and look around ask them if there is something they particularly like and if not make the offer to paint their choice of subject. Sell work framed as people are willing to pay more money for a finished piece of art.

Join sites like LinkedIn and make your profile by following the directions. You never know who might be searching for someone just like you.

Random money spinners

There are hundreds of ways to make money, you just to think hard and look around to see what you can do or enter into.

Clinical trials-pharmaceutical and medical suppliers are always testing new products and need paid volunteers to test the products. Many of the tests are blinds and double blinds so you may even not get the drug being tested. The drugs are safe and the company need to see if they do what they say they do. From drug trials to looking for participants in a medical survey, it all pays money for not much outlay except your time.

Focus groups-these are often to do with marketing products in specific areas and to a specific audience. Look for ones in your area or age group. They are a bit like doing a survey but you will go to a central location and be interviewed and asked for your opinion on goods and services.

Mystery shopper-this is a great little money earner and you get to shop at the same time. You enter a store and rate the service or product offered and then report the results over the internet. There are hundreds of companies looking for shoppers in all areas and of all ages. You could check out the service at the local car sales yard, florist, supermarket, liquor store, bank, cinema and other outlets. You get paid a fee for doing the mystery shop, anywhere from $5 to $50 and will be reimbursed up to a certain amount. Most places pay you on a monthly basis.

Advertise with your car-the side of your car is the perfect spot to advertise someone else’s products, services and business. Check out the web site Ad In Motion to see how easy it is to make money by using your car a few times a week to advertise.

Deliver catalogues and phone books-once a year all businesses and houses receive a phone book and usually before delivery time ads appear in papers and on job sites to deliver them. All you need is a reliable car and love walking. The same with weekly catalogues form supermarkets and shops. It is a great way to earn money and keep fit at the same time. May not be so good in the winter months.

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