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Chapter 1 – Selecting the Right Niche    3
Chapter 2 – Costs and Funding Options    7
Chapter 3 – Creating the Content    14
Chapter 4 – Finding Advertisers    23
Chapter 5 – Alternative Revenue Sources for Your Magazine    25
Chapter 6 – Printing    28
Chapter 7 – Getting Subscribers    31

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Chapter 1 – Selecting the Right Niche

According to the article Start Your Own Magazine, 1,000 new magazines are published each year.  Of this number, 90% will fail, usually right after the first issue has been distributed.  The remaining percentage acquires more success, allowing the owner to return a steady profit.

However, do not think that you have to be another Oprah Winfrey to publish a successful magazine.  In fact, despite the difficulties associated with magazine publishing, there are still a few average people that are able to get their foot through the door.  Yet, since they don’t have money or fame to promote themselves, they must use a different approach… niche marketing.

What is niche marketing?  Niche marketing occurs when you advertise to a more specialized audience… individuals who are not getting their needs or wants met by existing companies.  As a result, you develop a high demand for your product… a demand that won’t have too much competition in its supply, (since obviously you will be the main supplier).

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