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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Figuring Out What You Truly Value
Chapter 3:
Figuring Out What You Need To Surrender To
Chapter 4:
How Allowing and Surrender Works
Chapter 5:
Getting in the Right Mindset
Chapter 6:
The Difference between Positive and Negative Mindset in Surrendering
Chapter 7:
How Important Is It to Live in the Here and Now
Chapter 8:
How to Use Patience
Chapter 9:
Advantages and Disadvantages
Chapter 10:

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Chapter 4: How Allowing and Surrender Works


In life, there are various decisions you have to make. Sometimes, you failed to get what you really want because of various circumstances. Say for instance, if your love ones passed away, you have to allow it to happen because it’s God’s choice. Whether you like it or not, you can’t do anything to bring them back. So, what you need to do is to accept the reality and move on with your life.

How Does It Work

Allowing life to happen and accepting the destiny of things are quite too hard to do. To allow things in life, you have to set goals. These goals can change you. Depending on your goals, you can accomplish projects, find yourself, get what you need and want and a lot more. It is true that goals give purposes and directions in life.

If things don’t go as you have planned, you need to accept it and continue what you are doing. In setting goals, you always need to be patient and trust in God’s timing. There are some goals that take a few years before you achieve it. Whether you let go, surrender or give up, make sure that you keep the objective on your lists.

What will happen if you surrender? If you give up or surrender, you will learn various things. Life will never be the end of the world if you decided to surrender. Once you surrender, you have a chance to do things that are perfect for you. You can also get out from a miserable life you are experiencing right now.

Say for instance, if you surrender chasing your ideal man, you have a chance to meet and entertain other people. Instead of loving someone who loves another, try to find someone who can love you in return. With your experiences, you will truly value your relationship and learn how to handle your future partner.

Surrendering works when people are tired of their routine. If you are experiencing the same way, you have to change and adjust your daily activity and preference. If you are not happy with your life, you have to give up something to make things as perfect as you want.

Signs that You Need to Surrender

Like other people, you also wanted to know when to allow and surrender. If you are confused on when to surrender, here are the different signs you shouldn’t miss to forget:

Always Stress – If you are always stressed, that is an indicator that you have to give up. Whether you are young or old, you should always find enough time to enjoy and not to worry on various things.

Various People are Affected – There is nothing wrong to surrender, especially when you see that there are various people who are affected with the situation. If you want peaceful life, learn how to sacrifice and choose the best that you really want.

Time Isn’t On Your Side – If the time has become unmanageable, you have to surrender. If you did, you have a chance to restructure and reorganize your life.

Other signs that you need to surrender if you feel that everything is falling apart and you can’t do anything, but to accept it. You also need to give up most of your loved ones and trusted friends push you to stop.

Chapter 5:

Getting in the Right Mindset


If you want to get what you really want, your first move is to have a right mindset. However, not all people are aware on how to do it. If you are one of them, this is your chance to expand your ideas. For your guide, here are the best things you can do:

Getting Your Mind Set

Knowing Yourself

Understanding yourself can be the toughest things of all. Like others, it is easy for you to criticize your friends and other people around you. It means that you can easily say who they are, what they are and what are the worst things about them. Believe it or not, you can also know the real you. What you need to do is to start jotting things you wish to do. You can also ask your friends about their perceptions towards your attitude.

Start Setting Your Goals

Some people say that setting goals is too fast and easy. However, not all of them are aware with its exact steps and strategies. If you find it hard what you really want, just evaluate yourself. Simply ask yourself, what you really want to do with your life. DO you want to be a doctor, model or what? Are you willing to finish an engineering course or any related courses? You have to ensure that your answers are all precise. To ensure that you will get what you really want, you need to set goals that are easy to achieve. Then, you can set another priority once you achieved your previous goals.

Knowing Your Attitude

Like other people, you have feelings and distinct attitudes. To guarantee that you have a successful mindset, you need to check your attitude. If you really want to get what you really want, you have to
improve your self-discipline. You also need to avoid complaining about things or make excuses for what you do and don’t do.

For a better mindset, make sure that you decide what type of attitude you are going to have. To do this, you need to jot down your decision, especially when your feelings and attitude are changing. You also need to enumerate several actions to remind you about your goals.

Don’t Think or Assume Too Much and Take Actions

Too much assumption may lead to failure. Instead of thinking over and over again, you have to focus on your goals. Ignore all the negative things that come within your mind. If you really want to make things as you have planned, overcome every challenge and be rigid with your decisions.

Whatever goals you have, you have to make actions to make your dreams into reality. It means that don’t just keep on planning. Start making a right action and always move forward. Once you successfully get the right mindset, you have a chance that you can get what you really want. You also don’t need to worry about your current situation.

Getting in the right mindset is not a complicated task. Just focus on your goals and you are always motivated to do things right. You can also easily control your emotions, actions and attitudes. With this, it is expected that you will its outcome.

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