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As you may know submitting videos to video-sharing sites is an effective way to got traffic to your web site. And you likely know that using videos on your sales letter will usually increase your conversion rates. Plus, you might know that you can increase your list by getting people to opt-in to see your videos.

But the trick is actually getting people to go watch your videos. That’s what this report will help you do. It will give you many different ways to persuade people to view your free videos. There’s no point in offering a free video if no one will actually view it.

Say It’s Free

Tell your prospects that your video is free to watch. Of course, this is pretty basic but a lot of people forget to mention that.

You can tell them it 100% free and there is no sign up form to see it and they can go straight to the video.

If your video is free but they have to opt-in to see it, tell them that up front because a lot of people will get mad about that.

Opt-In For No. 2

Tell your prospects the your first video is free to view but they need to opt-in to your list to see the second video. It could be that you are launching a series of videos or you are dividing a long video up into smaller parts.

Just make sure you first video will persuade them to opt-in to see the next one. You also could ask them to invite a few friends using a tell a friend script to see the next video. Tell them they can always unsubscribe later if they don’t want to be on your list.

Lots Of Views

Tell your prospects that a ton of people have viewed your video. Of course, use the specific number amount to make it more detailed. People will see that that make people can’t be wrong about your video and it must be a popular subject they should learn more about.

You can also mention your video web site’s traffic rank to show them how popular it is or tell them how many view per minute, hour or day.

It’s High Quality

Tell your prospects that your video is of high quality. You can describe it as clear, high resolution, crisp audio, etc. You can mention you film it in a high priced studio, use expensive video equipment and editing software or hired a professional film crew, director actors or actresses and a full set.

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