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Building Trust to Build a Better Relationship

Are you honest with your partner? Are they honest with you? If you want to have, a healthy relationship is imperative that you are completely honest with each other. Once you have caught, or have been caught in a lie is very difficult to trust each other.

When you trust each other, you will not need to wonder what the other one is doing when you are not together because you will know that they are trustworthy. Telling the truth helps maintain your faith in each other and strengthens your relationship. Without trust it is nearly impossible to have strong, loving, lasting relationships. So before you go and tell a lie to a partner, think twice.

When you are honest with your partner, you show them respect for their feelings. Honesty is the very foundation of any good relationship. By being true and honest you are expressing your love to your partner. Everyone deserves honesty.

Follow these simple tips to build a strong relationship

1. Be honest about your job, the hours you work, your pay, and the people you work with. If you have a meeting with someone of the opposite sex, don’t tell your partner you are working with someone else. You may think you are sparing their feelings of jealousy. However, if they find out, you were not truthful the first thing they will think is you are hiding something. You will at times have to work with others that your spouse could be jealously of, however if you have an honest relationship this would not be the case as you would have trust between you.

2. Do not tell your partner that you have the same dreams and goals if that is not the case. When they ask you to start working on them, you will become bored and resent doing it. Then if you blurt it out that you never wanted this anyway, how do you think they will feel?

3. If your partner asks you what’s wrong, tell them and be honest. Don’t say, “Nothing” when it is, something. Tell your partner the truth and work it out. Unless you are open and honest about your needs and wants, how can they help you achieve them?

4. You should both be honest about how you feel about each others friends. If your partner has a friend which you, absolutely cannot stand, don’t tell them you like them or you’ll wind up doing things with them and resent it. Work it out so that when you go out with friends as a couple you go with the ones that you both like. When you go out alone with friends choose the one’s your partner would rather not hang out with.

The best way to show respect for your partner is to be honest with them. After all if you can’t be honest with them, who can you be honest with? Remember that being honest will build a strong foundation for a long and happy relationship.

Fix Your Relationship by Improving Communication

Communication is key

One of the things that becomes a source of problems for married couples is lack of communication. This is true especially of men, who are notorious for not expressing their feelings. A lot of arguments can be avoided simply by talking things out. Couples should be open to each other about the problems and difficulties they are encountering. They should start communicating before it reaches a critical point and becomes a full blown fight.

Poor communication is one of the most common relationship problems that most people encounter. Good communication in a relationship necessitates a lot of skills, without which there is greater possibility of relationship problems arising. Starting with getting rid of all distractions such as TV’s and radio noise, and arranging a quality time that suits both partners, is a good way to set off communication.

Do away with interrupting the other person when talking, and avoid categorizing the partner. Talking about good factors of the relationship as well as the relationship problems, can positively help create good communication.

Communication also involves non-verbal cues such as body language and with how common everyday things are done.

For example, when you see your partner crossing his arms while you’re explaining something, he may not be receptive to what you are saying. Seeing his/her body tense up when you bring up a certain topic may mean that the particular subject is causing him/her stress.

A misconception people have over communication is that it requires words and a schedule to sit down and talk. While it is true that couples need to find time to talk on a regular basis, consistent communication goes beyond simply this.

The problem only comes when the other person fails to get the message – the problem of “miscommunication”. A much greater concern than having either a good or a bad message is the other person to understand what you are trying to get at rather than ending up with the other’s careless shrug of “whatever” – the worst form of bad relationship communication. Miscommunication is best resolved by asking. Do not make assumptions or jump to conclusions (that are most probably wrong).

Another obstacle to having a great relationship communication is communicating the truth. It already is a problem when a couple goes through with miscommunication, so what more if the sender expresses an erroneous message. Lying (or hiding the truth) always only makes things worse.

Finally, the last thing to keep in mind when it comes to relationship communication is how we communicate. If you’re not sure of what the other is trying to communicate, then without hesitation, ask for an explanation, although you may get the frequent response of “don’t you get it?!” Sincerely say, “I’m sorry, but I don’t get what you’re saying.” And for the other, appreciate the gap-bridging; you would rather hear a question than a ‘whatever’.

Don’t finish your partners thought before they are expressed. In other words, if they say I was thinking about the back yard. Don’t cut them off before they finish and say I already know what you want and I do not want to do it. Well the y very well, if given the chance may have said, I was thinking that what you suggested last week would be perfect.

By learning to listen to the needs of the other person and compromising, arguments can be avoided. Past issues should no longer be brought up, if at all possible, so that the couple can look ahead and face the future together.

It takes two people working together to make marriage work. It takes years and even decades to make it succeed. The direction of the marriage should always be decided by both parties.

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