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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
Your Purpose

Chapter 2:
Letting Go Without Hatred

Chapter 3:
Responsibility For Self

Chapter 4:
Choices And Acceptance

Chapter 5:
The Action Isn’t You

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Letting go without hatred is a process that will assist you in becoming free to relinquish the past tense and live the life that’s intended for you.

The Process

It’s forever been my feeling that everybody was placed on this land for a purpose. It’s crucial for one to discover what their meaning in life is, so they may formulate their message and then in the final analysis accomplish their mission (purpose). How may you grow as an individual or a business if you don’t understand what your purpose is?

I found out how to love other people unconditionally and started to put into place and exercise steps, to help my life become triumphant and not to stay a victim. I’ve utilized the accompanying steps to better both my business and professional life in getting over issues of the past tense.

Pray. I pray for those who have harmed or ill-treated me, and I pray for counsel. I’ve likewise learned it’s really hard to hate somebody that you’re praying for.

Counseling. I reached out and got help when I recognized I required it.

Confronting. At the right time, I proceeded to those I had harmed or had harmed me one by one and faced them and told them how they had influenced my life. We have to learn to confront the individuals in our lives that have harmed us or that we have harmed.

Dismissal. Once I faced up to my past and my hurt, I then had to learn to let it die.

Forgiving. Forgiving is a huge step in the mending process. We have to likewise face whether we have “excused” somebody with complete forgiveness or if the forgiveness has stipulations.

Mental attitude. You have to have a mental attitude of Appreciation for the great things in your life while you’re implementing the healing process. Don’t center on simply the negative. It’s really hard to be depressed when you’re calculating your blessings.

Delight. It’s a decision to have delight within while you experience happiness on the outside (conditions around you).

Goals. You have to put down what you wish to achieve. If you don’t it will simply be an aspiration. No one designs to bomb, they merely fail to plan.

Giving. Regardless where you are in life, there’s forever somebody that could utilize your help. Reach out and assist somebody with your time and or resources.

Don’t wait till tomorrow as tomorrow isn’t assured to you. It’s my fast belief that if we reconcile our minds that we’re not going to let the past tense command our future tense, we may learn to take apart the walls of pain and hurt that impedes us from forgiving other people and living satisfied lives personally and professionally. Hanging on to pain and hate causes angriness and resentment. Angriness and resentment induce stress and anxiety; these emotions may induce an assortment of other health problems. I recognize that it’s possible to sweep up happiness, experience pleasure, and have success. The choice is really up to you!


Within each individual lives a powerful capacity for mending and transformation—to stick up for the true self. To achieve this we must free ourselves from the preceding story. Once we give up old hurts, we develop from that suffering and learn to distinguish happiness. Put differently, we let go to bear more! If the past has been dreadful, we have to quit re-experiencing it, playing the victim in the story again and again. Each time we relive a memory, particularly a past argument, or an old injury, we keep it active in our spirits and in our bodies.

The Past Is Past

When I consider an argument I had with an acquaintance numerous years ago, my heart will race and my stomach will tense as if it were happening today.

Not everybody is lucky enough to have loving parents who are perfect and fair, like on television.

A few of us were physically and mentally mistreated as tykes. A few of us were ignored and emotionally deserted as youngsters. So it’s time to alter the story! We’re no longer youngsters who are economically and physically dependent upon our parents. We had no alternative as a youngster, but we do today.

When we take responsibility for self, we send a message to the brain and body that we’re worth it, that we’re special and that we merit love. When a youngster is ill-treated, he or she lives in a dismal place where there’s no room to take a breath or feel.

This youngster matures lacking self-respect, feeling useless and forever seeking approval from parents and exterior sources. Frequently the abuse felt in childhood gets duplicated in adult life utilizing different characters: a mate, a boss or even an alleged friend. The adult carries on playing the victim, scarcely ever accepting responsibility for failures.

Consequently in order to interrupt the cycle, one has to cast off the past story and produce the nowadays story. In the fresh story the ill-treated youngster is determined not merely to survive, but to flourish. He or she accepts responsibility for actions, is devoted to health and fitness, and discovers the way to recognize limits while cultivating capabilities. Simpler said than done? Well, stating it and thinking it is a great start.

Daily one has to make a dedication to positive thinking. It’s neither the win nor the loss that makes an individual victorious, only the beliefs and perception one has concerning the self. Favorable perception and self-affirmation is the opening move to personal empowerment:

The following step is trusting that one is lucky. Yep, lucky! The inverse perception of the victim. Once one is lucky, even when one bombs, he or she learns from failure.

Once one is lucky he or she views opportunities where others don’t even consider looking. A lucky individual feels empowered and in command. Once one believes in the self, he or she may banish self-doubts, prevail in setting goals, and clear the route for achievement.

We also have to live in balance. That implies consuming balanced meals, drinking lots of water, and cutting back sugar, fat and refined foods. Likewise, we have to get 7 or 8 hours sleep to readjust our biological clocks daily and rejuvenate cells.

Above all we have to do some exercise daily to develop strength, staying power and focus. When we work out, we’re empowered individuals of substance. We won’t feel ensnared, paralyzed or let ourselves be ill-treated as now we have fortified our bones, muscles, heart and lungs. A levelheaded mind requires a sound body. By living in balance we shake off stress.

Finally, after one consumes balanced meals, acquires his rest and exercise, one may create inner peace with meditation. An easy 5 minute meditation to music may help one connect with the still point. With meditation one unstrains the heart, lowers blood pressure and reestablishes loving feelings for the soul.

Living in balance physically, emotionally and spiritually is the root of energy and delight. Be merciful to yourself daily and make personal time and space. If you’re too busy, then do away with a few of your activities, prioritize.

We have compassion for other people, even our pets. Make certain that you’ve compassion for yourself. The crucial thing isn’t holding on to anything anymore than it really lasts. Actually, all we need to do is experience the learning and move on at once.

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