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Table of Contents

Chapter 01 – Building your Mailing List
1.1 The HOW? How to build your mailing list?

Chapter 02 – Getting Started
2.1 How to get STARTED
2.2 What must you do for that six figure online income?

Chapter 03 – List Building Secrets
3.1 The FOUR SECRET approaches, no will ever tell you about!

Chapter 04 – Benefits of a healthy mailing list for your business
4.1 How can you make a mailing list?
4.2 Precautions that must be taken
4.3 Making it more effective

Chapter 05 – Conclusion

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Chapter 02 – Getting Started

We found an easier solution to build our mailing list and earn money during the process of building my list, and we will now be teaching you on how to replicate this proven strategy without charging you a single penny. Just in case you have not already been working on building your email list by now, or you have run out of ideas to accomplish this, we will be guiding you through the process and helping you in learning how to make your list and make that income from home. No matter which part of the world you may be living in you can cash in on your mailing list with a few clever strategies and moves. You can start your list and online marketing with a simplistic approach of using emails. The key is creating powerful emails that will influence your audience into opening the email.

However, before that, I must begin by telling you the truth, your email marketing and its respective database is subject to degrading by almost 22.5% each year. Your contacts may change their email addresses and therefore as a smooth online marketer, it will be your job to ensure that you are constantly adding and updating fresh contacts to your precious email marketing list. You can accomplish this with the help of which you can run successful campaigns, and with the help of which you can keep your sales soaring and the numbers in your bank account moving up and right.

2.1 How to get STARTED?

Start with the creation of a remarkable email content, which will be appealing enough, as to tempt your audience into opening the email. Your content will be by all means need to be amazing, and if you are planning that your visitors or your client should be loyal and keep returning to your product. With significant number of visitors the case will usually be that, they may not only stay but also subscribe and later forward your emails to a few of their friends, family, and colleagues if not all. This will only happen if you captivate and engage them; it will give you more marketing exposure and help you in reaching out to those who are not already on your mailing list.

2.2 What must you do for that six figure online income?

Here are 22 simple steps in which you can build up your mailing list and maintain a good income with almost no work later. But mind you, the secret is in a great deal of hard work initially, you cannot just lie about and rely on bought mailing lists, you will carefully need to establish one and ensure that the list you have is of potential clients, who will be interested in your product and this will enhance the possibilities of you locking sales and making the profits that you wish to:

Number One:

You must inspire your present email subscribers into sharing and forwarding your emails through to more people, who may not be on your subscription list. This forwarding and publicizing of your product will be inclusive of social sharing buttons and that send an “e-mail to a friend” button which will further reinforce your advertising emails and bring about more chances of sales. With this method, if you are able to engage and captivate you should be able to gain access to contemporary networks. At the backend of your emails, and your mailing list must comprise of a vital feature of “Subscription” with your embedded website, to ensure that all traffic reaches you and you have a higher chance of capturing sales.

Number Two:

You can get many sales by promoting an internet contest, such as a free giveaway, and have entrants sign up or subscribe with their e-mail addresses, this way you will not only know who is interested in your niche but also make a strong mailing list of potential clients. (For a higher rate of success: Do not forget to advertise your contest on social media platforms!)

Number Three:

You can create more than one e-mail subscriptions, so that you have a variety to offer as individuals with different interests subscribe to you. What will make this more effective is the relevance and personalized effect that this can have; always remember that addressing your potential client directly will always give you greater impact than generally shooting out the same e-mails to everyone. It would only be smart to divide your potential audience into 5 6 categories, where you can have more clicks and hence a higher conversion rate.

Number Four:

Create an interesting opt-in message and send it to your older list, this can be those who have already bought a product from you, if you play it right and have more than one product you make more successive sales with almost no effort. Encouraging contacts who wish to be a part of your program where as promising yourself to cast off all of those contacts who do not respond.

Although it might look stupid, for a longer mailing list may bring you a higher assurance of sales, but remember to keep it exclusive. A great hit would be a series of SIX short and to-the-point emails, where the 6th would be your last. You give a sneak peak of your services, a free gift and captivate your audience, now when the emails stop the interest that you would have generated would kick in and encourage the clients to contact you and hence about 80% of the times, you have bagged a sale! The key is keeping it short, simple and exclusive!

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