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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
Leader Basics

Chapter 2:
Learn How To Remain Committed

Chapter 3:
Protect Your Team From Distractions

Chapter 4:
Build A Leadership Mastermind Group

Chapter 5:
Recognize Your Top People

Chapter 6:
Set Performance Measures

Chapter 7:
Think Outside The Box

Be Passionate

Chapter 9:
The Importance Of Being A Good Team Leader

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 1:

Leader Basics


The following are just some of the traits that should be visible in a good leader.

The Basics

Good leaders lead. Being a good leader does not necessarily mean one has to own the business in order to steer it in a successful manner. It simply means that the direction of the company or project would entail having someone with a clear vision of how the goals are to be achieved to the best of everyone’s abilities and to the benefit of the company.

Good leaders listen. Listening is a vital tool that many fail to place importance on. Having the ability to really listen to clients and co workers alike will facilitate better decision making and thus produce better results.

Good leaders are available. This does not mean that the leader has to hold everyone’s hand every step of the way through the project but effectively meaning to be there and ready to jump in and help when things stagnate.

This is especially important when the others involved are frustrated or discouraged, thus having someone always ready to get back on track will be a good motivating tool.

Good leaders prioritize and organize. These are good principals to live by whether in the work place or in one’s personal life. Being able to strike a good balance and show this to others around will help everyone cope with the pressures of personal and work life.

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