Mega Bucks Meetings: Delivering Your Network Marketing Opportunity So They Run To Sign Up Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
Opportunity Meeting Basics

Chapter 2:
Set Your Goal For The Meeting

Chapter 3:
Put Together Presentation Materials

Chapter 4:
Pick The Correct Location And Setup For The Room

Chapter 5:
Dress For Success

Chapter 6:
Be Positive And Enthusiastic

Chapter 7:
Network With People You Don’t Know

Chapter 8:
Be A Good Conversationalist

Chapter 9:
Make Sure You Have A Way To Follow Up With Prospects

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Chapter 1:

Opportunity Meeting Basics


Priority should be given to everything that is connected to the meeting and this includes covering areas from the beginning of the birth of the idea to have a meeting up to the actual follow up procedures involved after the meeting has taken place.

The Basics

Mapping out the intentions behind having the meeting would be a good place to start. The “why” factor is very important to establish as this will give direction to the design and execution of the meeting content, venue, time, target audience and many other elements.

Thus having a meeting plan clearly outlined will assist all involved to better micro manage the entire exercise. Identifying those who are expected to be involved, establishing time line goals, establishing a clearly drawn up framework are all part of the process that should be considered right from the onset of the exercise.

If it is clearly decided that a meeting is the best way to grow the business position to the next level, then the next step would have to include the decision on how to design the campaign that is going to get the target audience attention to ensure the meeting successfully achieves its goals.

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