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Table of Contents

Introduction .. 5
Chapter 1: Getting Started . 7
Chapter 2: Promotion Preparation ………. 9
Chapter 3: Kickstarting Your Checklist … 11
Chapter 4: Launch Checklist …….. 13
Chapter 5: Get Going …….. 17
Chapter 6: Circulating Resources 21
Chapter 7: About JV’s ……. 23
Chapter 8: Monitoring & Listening. ……. 27
Chapter 9: The Final Stage ………. 29
Chapter 10: Back To Business. …. 32
Chapter 11: Research: Tracking Your Numbers ………. 35
Chapter 12: Promotion Drive Re-visited. ………. 36
Chapter 13: Resources: One Last Push .. 37
Chapter 14: Achievements Checklist ….. 39
Wrapping Up ………. 41

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Chapter 3: Kickstarting Your Checklist

In the following checklist, there is only one single thing that I’d suggest you purchase that will cost you anything, and that’s an affiliate system, as this forms a large part of your promotion.

After you own one, you never have to buy one again, and can modify it to suit your own needs. That’s just it. (Unless of course your hosting package already provides one for your use, or you already own one). I won’t tell you to spend any money on promotion, or spend your hard earned cash on e-zine ads or anything like that. Instead we’re going to use your resources to build each other and make the future of your business a bright one.

If you don’t have one of the resources we mention when you start out, you sure will after you launch your first product. Beforehand you’re severely limited, not to worry though, read it all because you’ll find that by the time you start promoting your large product, you’ll have everything you need anyway through the promotion. That’s the beauty of this system. It works no matter how many products you have or haven’t launched in the past.

The Structure

The first thing I want to do is touch on the structure. Remember your goals and keep them solidly in mind when designing you own product launch promotion drive. Your overall aim isn’t to make millions through one product it’s to use these products to build your resources so that you can make your money with future products. The bigger you build, the more you’ll make. For reference, here’s the chart I use in all my marketing courses that clearly shows the 5 big resources you should be building to ensure your online success.

The All Powerful Resource Snowball

No matter how odd or unrelated one of them may seem, I guarantee you it can be tied into another resources and build two at a time. Never ever start again, and if you’re not sure how to do something, or it’s been a long day and you’re not in the mood, take a break and make sure you do this properly.

It’s imperative that you don’t miss any out. Each one you miss will limit your money making capability by 20% in the present, and as that snowballs in the future, we’re going to be looking at an incalculable amount, and that’s not the kind of money we want to be losing. We’ll take a final look at these diagrams once your promotions start to go out and you have the space to begin managing your resources in such a way that they build each other.

Note: This isn’t a cheap excuse for me to make things seem complicated, or revolutionary. Nothing like that. These diagrams simply represent each resource building the others, which in effect leaves you with an almost never ending crowd to promote for you, to strike deals with, to promote to and to make a hefty profit from.

So here comes the goal list. This is the list that I use every single time I launch a product, and something you should use too. This is when we pool everything that we’ve learned so far and put them together to become a complete marketing system that builds itself. The business end if you will.

Now aside from the affiliate systems that you’ll need to set up, nothing else costs. If you’re reading the following list and find yourself saying to yourself that you can’t afford it or don’t have the time to do it, we’ve got our wires crossed somewhere, because nothing else should cost you anything, ever.

Chapter 4: Launch Checklist

So here goes, the checklist. You should have everything here set up and ready to go before even thinking about promotion. In order, we’ll look at each resource in turn to make this crystal clear. For sales, for affiliate promotion, for your list, for your research and for joint ventures. Once you can honestly put a tick beside each of these you’re ready to get prepping your promotion.

A) For Sales.

A small starter intro product priced around $20-$60 directly related to your larger product. A quality product in itself with the direct intent to sell buyers onto the larger product.

Big Product, Your Money Maker. Your money maker. Priced between $200 and $2000. Sales will come from your smaller product and after launch when your resources start building, from those also. Follow-up for your small product. For the sole intention of resource building, and pulling customers back to the small product site to get them to purchase the intro product and flow down the line. Seven day follow-up system.

Follow-up for your large product. For the sole intention of resource building and pulling people back to your high priced product site enticing them to buy at a later date or after more than one view. Seven day follow-up system.

B) For Affiliate Promotion. Affiliate System Set Up.

To track sales for small product set to around 50-90% payouts and ready to go copy and paste advertising material for affiliates in the form of solo ads. Sole intention of resource building. Very high commissions enticing people to sign up and promote for you, increasing all your primary resources.

Affiliate System Set Up To Track Sales For Large Product Set to around 40-60% payouts and ready to go copy and paste advertising material for affiliates in the form of solo ads.

Sole intention: To put money in your pocket. Most of your resources will come through the promotion of the small product. This is where your profits come in. Keep the affiliate system here for a JV bargaining tool at the start. Move to regular affiliates after making a number of personal and JV sales.

C) For Your List.

List Collecting Names Who Buy Small product. Sole Intention: Resource building of ‘Customers’. For people who buy your small product. Will form the basis of your list of customers ready to sell onto your bigger product manually if the follow-up doesn’t work, or, use for future large products.

Feeds into your auto-responders forming list: #1. Medium priority customers.

List collecting names who buy large product. Sole Intention: Resource building of ‘Long term Customers’. Your special people who have proved they’re ready to buy. Will form the basis of long term customers who will also be fed straight onto future larger products, along with preferential treatment from you. Will be the least numerous, but the biggest money makers.

Feeds into your autoresponders forming list #2. High priority customers.

List for collecting names who visit but don’t sign up for anything on small product site. Sole Intention: Resource building of ‘Standard List’. People who buy nothing but sign up for your special report, or your in a rush reports. Will form the basis of all your future promotion.

List for collecting names who visit but don’t sign up for anything on large product site. Sole Intention: Resource building of ‘Standard List’. People who buy nothing but sign up for your special report, or your in a rush report.

Will form the basis of all your future promotion. Important it doesn’t interfere with your sales process on high ticket item site that’s there to make you profit and not build resources.

D) For Your Research.

An Ad Tracker set Up: Sole Intention: Research & Testing. Used for split run testing, testing of ads and different methods of collecting your resources, and coming up with new products or modifications to current ones. Test two variations of one aspect of your sales system, ask yourself which one works best, keep it, move on to another test. Use to refine your sales system for this and future products.

E) For JV’s.

Affiliate system set-up especially for JV’s for small product. Sole intention: Resource building of JV’s and business contacts. 100% commissions on a smaller product can be a great bargaining tool and a massive resource builder.

Affiliate System Set Up especially for JV’s for your money maker, or your high ticket item.

Sole Intention: Resource building of JV’s and business contacts, to make a big profit. This may not even be needed, but it’s nice to have as every deal differs. You may find that your JV partner wants higher commissions for themselves or for the affiliates they refer even. Good bargaining tool and paves the way for long term relationships.

Folder or file for the details of each JV.

Sole Intention: Resource Building of JV’s. Keep everything in order, and have a folder for each joint venture you carry out. Record the person, their contact details, and the details of the joint venture, including it’s type, whether you’ll be able to contact them again in the future, how big their list is, how much you made, what you agreed etc. (See JV’s the specs)

Checklist Ticked

That’s it. You’re all set and ready to go. If you don’t have every single thing set up in the above list, I’d suggest you get about setting it up. It seems a lot, but trust me, not only does it cost you hardly anything to set up (even the affiliate program you can keep going for $30 a month instead of laying down $500 right off) but it gets easier every time you create a product.

Create the above once, and next time you come up with and create a new product, you simply plug it in and you’re away. Don’t be put off at this stage. It gets easier, cheaper and more profitable as you go along. Next up, we’ll be looking at the planning of your actual promotion and getting some resources rolling into your system and having them start to build each other whilst making you some cash along the way.

Chapter 5: Get Going

Welcome to part two of your four week promotion plan. (It did start as two weeks, but we cheated and added two weeks of planning in the previous section) In the last report we talked about setting up each of your resource harvesters, why we’re setting them up, what the goals are relating to setting those up and, of course, the problems, both time wise and financially that may come with doing so. In this section we’re moving on from the planning stages assuming that you have everything set up from the previous report. You will need them.

Unfortunately it’s a fact that seventy five percent of the people that buy this guide won’t set things up as we’ve talked about and just disappear into the darkness and buy more guides in the future looking for that magic tip that’s going to make them millions of dollars overnight.

It won’t happen unless they happen to win the cash. Don’t let one of these people be you. I don’t want anyone that’s purchased this report to be in the same position in three or four months’ time. It’s time to move forward and I want you to do the same, and hey, it wouldn’t reflect well on me either if there were a horde of people out there walking around talking about how my report doesn’t work.

Locking Down Your Resources

So planning stages out of the way, let’s move on now and start getting some self building resources circulating through your system. The first step two weeks before the launch of your product, planning all said and done, is to get the initial flood of resources through everything you’ve taken the effort to set up through joint ventures.

What I don’t want you to do is pick the most famous people, and the biggest names you know about and approach them. Now there’s nothing wrong with doing that, but I assure you everyone else out there is doing the same.

You know, it’s amazing when I look at some of the sites I’ve joined, websites I’ve promoted and had promoted for me, that the biggest and heaviest hitters I’ve never heard of before.

There are plenty of people out there to joint venture with in many fields of expertise. If they have access to the people you’re trying to reach, this is the kind of person you want to get in with. There are a few things I want to tell you if you haven’t done this before, and that’s, you will be denied. I’ve met so many people that can’t get over that little niggling question, what if it doesn’t work? Don’t be afraid of failing whatever you do. I sat here in my chair working on so many products that I couldn’t get out there for a couple of years because I was afraid of what people would say and, I have to say, I hate failing with a vengeance. I’m still recovering and as a result have at least four complete products at the time of writing that haven’t gone out because I just haven’t had the time since I got over that stuff. Products that could have bought me a new house years ago, a new car, holidays, and that juicy 64″ plasma panel I’ve had my eyes on for way too long. So if this bothers you, let’s put our cards on the table right now.

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