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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Intelligence Basics
Chapter 2:
Cognitive Processing
Chapter 3:
Associative Processing
Chapter 4:
Chapter 5:
Chapter 6:
How we Think
Chapter 7:
Our Representations
Chapter 8:
Problem Solving
Chapter 9:
What we Must do

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Chapter 5 : Expectation


According to researchers, expectation has the potential to lead to more effective processing in the human brain. Most people have their own impressions about the things that they normally see in the world and this is one of the main reasons why perception has the ability to strongly influence your expectations.

The knowledge that you have will greatly help you to recognize people and objects accurately and quickly, even if the image that you receive is unclear, like with a television set with poor reception and cyclists in the park at dusk. Knowledge has the ability to combine expectations with details and information from the outside world.

As an individual, it is very imperative that you are aware of how expectation can affect and influence you in understanding your brain and coming up with a battle plan for intelligence. If you have a clear and better understanding about the above mentioned topic it will be easier for you to come up with a great battle plan for intelligence.

How do Expectations Affect your Battle Plan?

The Radboud University decided to conduct a study that involved the behavior and cognition of the human brain. All the participants for the said study were presented with unexpected and expected images and the activity of their brains was recorded with the use of MRI scanner.

When the participants viewed expected images, they noticed that the regions in their brain involved in visual processing were less active compared to those who viewed unexpected images.

This was done with a brain decoder. A brain decoder is capable of decoding visions that the mind receives. It uses a special algorithm in its process. It has been proven to be quite effective as well as accurate.
This is also a great indication that the brain activity in these regions usually contains clear representation for expected images. It simply means that expectation leads to more effective processing in the human brain.

This is also associated with social intelligence, wherein it is the capacity to efficiently negotiate complex environments and social relationships. There are also other psychologists who define social intelligence as the ability to completely manage and understand the real world of human relations. Social intelligence is also equivalent to interpersonal intelligence. In line with this, social intelligence is also an aggregated measure of social and self-awareness that usually evolve social attitudes and beliefs as well as the appetite and capacity to manage complex social change. Some psychologists also believe that social intelligence is considered as the person’s competence to fully understand their respective environment and at the same time properly react for successful social conduct.

In order to come up with excellent battle plan for intelligence, it is very important that you have an apparent and superior understanding about the real world of social intelligence and on how expectation affect your battle plan. There are a wide variety of books and websites that will greatly help you to fully manage and understand the above mentioned topic. With proper understanding, you can be sure that you will easily obtain the best results.

Chapter 6 : How we Think


By nature, most human beings are irrational and illogical. It is a fact that survival involves thinking quickly not methodically. According to psychologists, making a life saving decision is more significant than making a 100 percent accurate one and this is one of the reasons why the human brain has the ability to develop an array of mental shortcuts.

These shortcuts are also called heuristics and cognitive biases and they have the potential to affect all the things that human beings do from the judgments of their moral character up to the clothes that they will wear. You will never escape them, however you will have the power to be aware of them and at the same time take efforts to minimize their influence. In order for you to be familiar with this topic, here are some of the problems with how we think.

The Common Problems With How we Think

Cost Fallacy

When you invest effort, time and money into something, it is normal that you don’t want to see your investment go to waste, even if the goal, object or task is no longer worth the cost. According to Daniel Kahneman, most people refuse to cut their losses and when they do, they become biased against their actions this can lead to regret. This is one of the reasons why most people finish their overpriced meal in a restaurant even when they are stuffed to their brim or continue watching a horrible television show even if they don’t like it anymore or enroll into a grad school even they really hate their chosen major.

Availability Heuristic

When you are confronted with a decision, most humans make judgments that are based on previous information and events that can be recalled. This is also known as availability heuristic. It is very imperative to be aware of availability heuristic since it has the ability to lead to poor decisions.

Optimism Bias

There are some individuals who are naturally biased to thinking that they are less at risk of something bad happening compared to others. The term optimism bias has been researched in a wide variety of studies across a wide range of groups. Some smokers believe that they are less likely to develop lung cancer than other smokers. Some traders believe that they are less likely to lose money than their respective peers and at the same time every day people believe that they are less at risk of being victimized in a certain crime. Optimism bias usually factors into matters of health and prompting individuals to neglect their behaviors that include condom use, visits to their physicians and exercise.

Halo Effect

When you hear the term “halo effect”, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? According to studies, the halo effect is a kind of cognitive bias wherein you judge the character of a certain person based on your impressions. In line with this, the halo effect is considered as one of the most popular bias’ especially when it comes to performance appraisal.

Confirmation Bias

This is the tendency of people to favor details and information that commonly confirms their respective beliefs. Bias’ manifest in various ways and this is one of the reasons why they are considered to be one of the greatest problems with how we think. Criminal investigation is recognized as one of the most common places that you will experience confirmation bias. When an investigator has a suspect, they will erroneously interpret information that will prove that their suspect is guilty. In connection with this, confirmation bias has the ability to pervade your life.

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