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1 Create two versions of your e-zine so people can choose if they want ads included with it or not. This’ll attract the people who hate ads to subscribe. You could also charge a subscription fee to the e-zine without ads. This will make up for the lost advertising revenue.

2 Create a long-term relationship with your entire customer base. You can stay in touch with them through an e-zine, with greeting cards, opt-in lists, autoresponders, messages boards, chat rooms, e-mail discussion lists, instant online messages, etc. When you stay in touch, people don’t forget about your business.

3 When you write and give away a free e-book you will become known as an expert. This will enable you to gain people’s trust and they will buy your main product or service quicker. You may get offers from other people wanting you to speak, consult, coach, etc.

4 Give your new customers surprise free gifts. This will increase their loyalty and give you more word-ofmouth advertising. For example, your customer could tell your friend, “I just ordered this new advertising e-book and they gave five other e-books as surprise bonuses! I really got a great bargain!”

5 Offer free classified ads on your web site that expire after a particular time period. People will revisit your web site over and over to resubmit. You could have other things expire or be updated so they will revisit, like e-books, articles, links, software, message board postings, etc.

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