Insomnia PLR Autoresponder Email Series

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Insomnia PLR Autoresponder Email Series Features:

* 52 Weeks Pre-written Newsletters
This isn’t just ANY private label content. These newsletters are written to effectively promote best-selling affiliate products for an entire year. All the work is done for you.

* List of Top Affiliate Programs
Comes with high-paying, high conversion affiliate programs from Clickbank, Commission Junction, Shareasale, and others – just sign up! Once you’ve got your affliiate links, you put them into the content and bam – your newsletters are branded and ready to make you money!

* Opt-In Template For Each Niche
Pop in YOUR autoresponder information, and you’re ready to upload this page to any domain and start collecting leads!

Opt-In Template Preview:

Insomnia PLR Autoresponder Email Series


Insomnia PLR Autoresponder Message Titles:

– Over-the-Counter Drugs For Insomnia
– Help For Insomnia
– Insomnia And Depression
– Insomnia And Other Sleep Disorders
– Stress And Insomnia
– Work Pressure And Insomnia
– Insomnia Causes And Cures
– 5 Steps For Overcoming Insomnia
– Exercise And Insomnia
– Secondary Insomnia
– Defeating Insomnia
– Prescription Drugs For Insomnia
– Winning Over Insomnia
– Insomnia And A Worried Mind
– Who Suffers From Insomnia
– Kava And Insomnia
– Insomnia And Sleeping Pills
– Sleep Deprivation Or Insomnia?
– All-Natural Insomnia Relief
– Diagnosing Insomnia
– Chinese Medicine And Insomnia
– Food And Insomnia
– Beating The Insomnia Monster
– Insomnia Clinics
– Insomnia Drug Dangers
– Defining Insomnia
– Insomnia Home Remedies
– Valerian Root For Insomnia
– Hypnotic Cures For Insomnia
– Losing The Insomnia Wars
– Calmness Trumps Insomnia
– Bright Light Therapy For Insomnia
– Insomnia And Fatigue
– Turning Off Insomnia
– Mental Physical Health And Insomnia
– Diet And Insomnia
– Melatonin And Insomnia
– Kinds Of Insomnia
– Insomnia And Sleep Deprivation Studies
– Middle-of-the-Night Insomnia
– Routine Kills The Insomnia Bug
– Recognizing Real Insomnia
– The Science Of Sleep And Insomnia
– Primary Insomnia
– Relaxation Techniques For Insomnia
– Causes Of Insomnia
– Insomnia And Alcohol
– Tea To Relieve Insomnia
– Booze For Snooze
– Herbal Remedies For Insomnia
– Is It Really Insomnia?
– Overcoming Insomnia

Sample Affiliate Program Preview:

Native Remedies

Native Remedies provides a wide range of proven, safe and effective herbal remedies for People and Pets. All remedies are created under the supervision of a licensed clinical psychologist, for a wide range of psychological and physical disorders and conditions (including insomnia). Average commission of over $20 per sale with two-tier commission structure: Tier 1 – 25% of sales Tier 2 – 5% of sales Lifetime commissions so you earn on reorders.

SleepTracks Sleep Optimization Program

“Number 1 Sleep And Insomnia Solution – Currently Pays $34.88 Per Sale (55%), Affiliates Get Several Landing Page Options.

Surefire Natural Remedy To End Insomnia

“1 Out Of 15 People Suffer From Insomnia And Sleep Disorders.” Pays 60% Commission. And has a Turn Key Affiliate Package Provided. Earn Up To $36.58 Per Sale.

Sleep Sound Audio Program and E-book

Two 60 minute MP3 audios for overcoming insomnia. The 1st audio uses brainwave entrainment plus guided relaxation to send the listener to sleep fast. The 2nd uses only brain wave entrainment. Sleep Sound also includes a 60 page e-book about how to get a good night’s sleep.

Pays 50% commission (approx $18.00) Administered through Paydotcom.

Banish Insomnia and get a Good Nights Sleep

Healthy Sleep: A Guide To Natural Sleep Remedies!” Sells for $ 15.97 USD. And pays a 40.00% commission (less fees).

Hypnosis Downloads From RichardMacKenzieDirect

Downloads Ranging From Quit Smoking, Insomnia, Impotence, Jealousy, Anger Management and  Stress Management, etc. 50% commission equals $21.49 per sale.

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