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Part 1: Energy Conservation Throughout The Home – (335 Words)
Part 2: Energy Conservation Through Your Piping – (319 Words)
Part 3: Energy Conservation With Your Furnace – (324 Words)
Part 4: Energy Conservation Outdoors – (323 Words)
Part 5: Energy Conservation Tips To Get Started – (331 Words)

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In each area of your home you can conserve energy.  If you are looking for a few extra dollars to fall off of your home energy bill this month, consider the tips that you find here.  To get started, consider your water heater.  The water heater is a key element within a home.  It is also one of the many elements that are often overlooked when it comes to energy conservation.  If you want to actually make some money on its usage, consider adjusting how you use it.

The first thing that you should do is adjust the heater dial.  You should keep the thermostat set absolutely no lower than 120 degrees F.  If you go lower than this, you run the risk of sanitation issues.  Of course, if you prefer the water to be hotter, then increase it.  But, consider this.  If you do not take a shower on full blast hot water, you are using cold water to cool down the hot water that you just paid a considerable amount of money to heat up.  Lowering the dial will help to keep the amount that you need to heat it up down.

In addition to that, you can save a great deal of money keeping the water in the hot water heater hot.  To do this, insulate your water tank.  Most of the modern hot water tanks offer some insulation inside of them.  But, adding a protective layer of insulation outside of them will also make them beneficial to your energy needs.  You can purchase water heater insulation covers that will easily fit right over them to lock in the heat.  Take care to put these on correctly.

Saving money on the amount of hot water that you use is vitally important for energy conservation.  Take a few minutes now to find out what your water heater is set at.  Determine if you have the potential for saving money here.

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