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Duplicate Content Checker Tools

Another type of tool you do want to invest in is something that will help you to ensure that the content on your website is authentic, original, and not duplicated elsewhere on the Web. There are two reasons you need this tool.

First, it will help you to find websites that may have stolen your information. Since duplicate content can cause your website to rank lower, it is important to know about other sites that stole information from your website so that you can have those sites remove that information and/or even have them shut down.

Second, if you are hiring someone to do the work of writing your content for you or you are doing it yourself using other online resources, it is incredibly important to know if the information is going to pass duplicate checks or not. These tools can help you to do that.

You can find some very affordable software products to do this, with nearly free costs to them. You should not have to pay top dollar for these types of software, but it is recommended that you do use them!


There are some people who will tell you that using spinning software is just fine. There are others that will tell you that you can use automated article writing software to craft your pages for free. These people may be promoting those products, and you will want to see them for what they really are – sales people, not Internet marketers.

To be truly successful at Internet marketing, you do need to invest in software to help you, but you should look for programs that can enable you to better communicate with your readers, rather than tools that try to create short cuts for you.

There are many of these products available, some with promises that you will never have to pay more than $5 to get all of the articles you’ll need for your websites. The problem with this type of software is that it lacks the human touch, and this is blatantly obvious.

Before you invest in this type of software and use it on your website, there are several things you should know about it first.


First and foremost, any web content that is placed on your website represents your business. It is what gives that first impression to those who visit your website. Imagine searching Google for computer speakers. You wind up on a page that provides you with articles that do not make sense. You see ads for speakers, but the website seems to be lacking real information. Do you feel like buying from a website like this? Will you even bother clicking on an ad here or will you just close that site and choose another from the search engine results page instead?

If your content is designed to be read by human eyes, then it should be written by humans, not by software. There is no software program available today that will be able to pick up on the small intricacies of language and human interaction.


If you do use article spinning software or other forms of software for this purpose, it is incredibly important that you actually invest time in fixing the finished articles. Some Internet marketers use this type of software for the simple reason of building their SEO. If you do this, there are several things you need to do before you post those articles at your website or elsewhere online.

1. Ensure that you proofread and fully edit any page that comes from article spinning software. This is critical since it ultimately determines if the content is usable online.

2. Fact-check anything that is produced. Small changes in the content’s wording could make statements untrue or inaccurate, which could cause problems for you.

3. Run plagiarism and duplicate content checks, even if you think the content is 100 percent unique. There is no way to tell this until the pieces are carefully compared.

4. It is not an endless process. In other words, it is not possible to keep spinning one article an endless number of times. There should be some limit or the finished article won’t relate to the topic any more.

5. If you are using these articles for search engine optimization, you will need to go back and add keywords in places. This can be time-consuming in some instances.

GO WITH HUMANS In many cases, it is just better to pay a few cents per word to pay a profession to write the content you need. In many ways, this is the best route to go since it decreases the amount of time you’ll have to spend on the process and it enables you to have content that you’ll feel confident about putting on your website. It may cost a bit more to use people to write your articles and content, but the finished, top quality will bring in more sales and sign-ups than any type of spinning software can do. The follow-up on your end is often needed in any of those applications to make them effective for your business.


Since we want you to have all of the tools and tips you need to develop your Internet marketing business successfully, it is important to provide you with some cheap ways to grow your business. Here, we want to show you just how affordable it is to use software and online tools to help you to build your business without compromising the quality of your website.

IF your website is not reader-friendly, chances are high that no one will stick around long enough to sign up. All of your time investment will be wasted then. Instead of making that mistake, incorporate some of these highly usable tools and programs instead. They are likely to help your business to grow and become more profitable without sacrificing your customer in the process of doing so.

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