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Copywriting Today 5
Headline & Sub-Headline 7
Opening of Your Sales copy 10
The Middle Section of Your Sales Copy 14
Throwing in Endorsements & Testimonials 17
Call to Action 19
Recommended Resources + Bonuses 23

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Call to Action

1. If you are delivering a digital product such as E-Book, report, software, or script, remind your prospect that the delivery is instant.
For example:

The delivery process is automated and you can receive the manual instantly upon purchase. So, it doesn’t matter even if it’s 4:00AM in the morning so purchase your copy right now and you discover how you can tap into the planet’s BIGGEST social networking site and bring your business to greater heights!

2. Avoid using the “until midnight” excuse.

This is primarily the case in Internet Marketing circles where most savvy marketers know it’s really only a script at work. Unless you really meant that your product offer would be gone by midnight, you should refrain from using this tactic.

Because in ways more than one, it’s pretty misleading even in pursuit of getting your prospects to act now. Evidently, your product would still be there the next day, being sold at the same price.

So use any other scarcity factors… but this!

3. Press your prospect to act on scarcity reasons.

You can say that you’re limiting the number of copies of your product (and keep your word on it!).

And it has been proven that scarcity sells. People by nature like to have the privilege of owning so this is one factor you can really bang on to increase your conversion rate and sales.

For example:


This is NOT an open-ended offer. This sale runs for only 7 days. After the 7th day is past, this offer will expire and be removed forever!
Quantity Based

Only 100 copies will be sold. No more than that. Once the 100th copy leaves the shelf, this offer will not be made available again, EVER!

4. Use Fast Action Bonuses.

Nowadays, just offering bonuses just isn’t enough an incentive especially if you’re in a competitive niche. So you can add your edge by offering time sensitive bonuses.

Aside from your bonuses having to be perfect complimentary products to your primary offer, the fact that they are scarce encourages your prospect to act now and swap the Fast Action Bonuses and get rewarded more value for the same money purchased.

5. Tighten the offer with a long-term guarantee.

The longer your guarantee term, the better. Encourage your prospect to try your product out and test-drive it instead of being neutral or indifferent.

Here’s an example:

Don’t wonder. Don’t think. Just try.

Also assure your prospect that you will be shouldering all the risk for him or her throughout the guarantee period.

I stake my reputation on my claims (in as bold as they may be), but I seriously hate to see you pass such a great deal that I’m willing to shoulder all the risks for you so you can try it out worry-free!

You may continue to go on and write:

You have my word that this is the big break through you’re looking for.

And if it’s not up to your satisfaction for any reason whatsoever, just drop me an email, delete the product off your hard drive, and I’ll refund every cent of your purchase. No questions asked.

You have nothing to lose except a chance to try it out!

6. Use to summarize your offer or reveal hidden benefits.

Here are some things worth summarizing in your P.S. (or post-script), even though you don’t have to cover all of them; some will do:

– You are shouldering the risk for your prospect through your Money Back Guarantee.
– It would be more expensive and costly in terms of money, time and effort (or all) if your prospect seeks other solutions or alternatives than yours.
– You can stress on the Fast Action Bonuses and how scarce they are that if your prospect doesn’t act now, he or she will miss them out.
– If you have no other urgency factors, stress it out to your prospect on how valuable it is to him or her to tackle her current problems right NOW and not later with your offer.
– You can use the P.S. to reveal other hidden benefits not mentioned earlier in your sales letter. It could be an unannounced bonus, guarantee statement or a reward for acting immediately.
– You can choose to reveal even more praises and testimonials in effort to encourage your prospect to act now and become your customer.

All in all, serve as good summaries and presses your prospect to act now by purchasing from your order link/button/form.

7. Tell your prospect that the price you’re asking for is a bargain.

You can do this by comparing to other possibly higher cost solutions by your competitors (without naming names) or less effective alternatives.

For example:

Which one do you think is a smart thing to do? Invest $97.00 and find out all of what you need to know about making a killing in the stock market OR flushing thousands of dollars into shooting in the dark – and get killed in the process?


For the first time ever, you can tap into the secrets of top marketers at the measly price of $47.00. Now why would you even pay $2,000 to attend a seminar to learn the same secrets I share with you in my audio course?

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