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Chapter 1: How We See Money

Chapter 2: Money and Reality

Chapter 3: Money and Affection

Chapter 4: Money Might and Unity

Chapter 5: Money Bravery and Being Intelligent

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The idea of might states that you’re responsible for your own financial spot. If you disfavor your current conditions and wish something better, it’s up to you to make it occur. You are able to yield control of your financial destiny to other people, but final responsibility forever rests with you. You’re the one who must accept the results you get.

Oneness and Power

Self-help literature frequently urges that we set clear financial goals. We’re told to adjudicate in advance how much cash we wish to earn and how much we wish to have in the bank. I’ve frequently set such goals for myself. Occasionally I accomplished them; a lot of times I didn’t.

Eventually I learned a more crucial lesson: in order for our financial goals to be sound, they have to reflect our honest, deep desires. A goal is useless if it doesn’t empower you.

When I gave it a little serious thought, I recognized that I just didn’t care about attaining particular sums of money. A million bucks has no true meaning to me. By placing so much accent on particular sums, I was giving my might to money rather than wielding might over it.

So rather than centering on particular financial goals, I chose to aim directly for what I believed money would provide me. I believed it would supply me with the freedom to travel, so I set travel goals alternatively. I thought cash would get me a nicer home, so I set a goal to have a nicer home instead. I thought being rich would let make a greater contribution, so I set a goal to make a greater contribution alternatively.

Ironically, when I quit treating cash as an end unto itself, I had more of it coursing through my life than ever before. The reality is that you don’t require any specific amount of money in the bank or a particular level of income to accomplish your goals. There are infinite ways to do so, and many of them call for little or no cash.

Individuals who are dead broke have gone around the world. Why not you? When you choose in advance that a lack of finances is an obstruction to accomplishing your goals, you dis-empower yourself. If you wish something badly enough, target it straight off. Your course may lead you to bring in and use money to get there, or it might not.

Don’t mechanically assume that cash is essential to accomplish a specific goal; this narrows your choices and stunts your creative thinking.

As money is a monetary system, it only has major power when it flows. A number in a bank account is absolutely useless. Money’s value lies in the exchange, not in its ownership. When you earn it, you produce value. When you use it, you acquire access to value produced by other people, thereby enabling them to produce more value also. It’s wise to save a percentage of your income, but understand that saved money must finally flow back out once again, if not during your life then certainly later on.

The best way to bring in cash is through truthful contribution. Do what you feel is best for everybody, not simply yourself. Align your financial outcomes with the greatest good of all. Contributing social value is the basic technique for making money consciously, but by itself it isn’t adequate to guarantee success.

The issue with centering on social value is that your personal values might not be lined up with the social consensus. If you try to supply social value without accomplishing congruity with your personal values, your motivation will be powerless. You won’t be inspired as you’ll be doing what you feel you ought to do, not what you wish to do. Instead, when you attempt to fulfill your personal values without supplying any true social value, you get the starving-artist syndrome: you might be inspired by work you like doing, but it won’t take care of the bills.

The resolution is to work inside the overlap between your personal values and social values. This will let you do what you like while producing something that other people treasure too.

Social and personal values will waver over time, so be geared up to adjust. Don’t undervalue the importance of alignment between personal and social values. Both are crucial if you wish to make money consciously.

Unless you’re truly rigid, it shouldn’t be extremely hard to image a way for you to contribute that likewise lines up with your personal notions.

This is an issue that may be solved if you put a little thought into it. Frequently the easiest way to produce value for other people is by sharing what you like to do.

When you have a resolution that works for you, you’ll be in a position to render abundant revenue while serving the greater good. Don’t expect this to be simple, but it’s certainly worth the work.


Don’t expect somebody else to understand what your skills and gifts are worth. If you let other people ascertain your pay, it’s a safe bet you’re being underpaid. You have to take the initiative and ask for what you wish. If the price you ask is fair and sensible and if there’s genuine social requirement for the value you are able to provide, somebody will certainly pay you for your work.

Use It Wisely

Don’t be shy or wimpish when it comes to asking for income. That’s a sign that you don’t trust in your value. If you truly can’t supply what you’re claiming you can, then don’t ask to be compensated till you’re prepared. But if you understand you can contribute true value, summon the bravery to ask for just compensation in exchange. Be direct, but be able to form a solid case for why you merit it.

Utilize the heart and soul question to help guide you towards income-generating opportunities. Ask yourself: Does this course have a heart and soul? If the reply is no, then let it go and put your time and energy elsewhere. Have the bravery to put humans 1st, money 2nd. Respect what your conscience says. If it feels improper, it is improper. Even if it feels indifferent, it’s still incorrect. Never go after soulless profits.

Even when you’re on the heart-centered course, you’ll need bravery to remain there. Occasionally you’ll need to defend against dishonest attacks. It’s unfortunate when that get to be necessary, but it occurs.
Occasionally you’ll be surprised by the support that comes your way once you demonstrate your allegiance to putting people 1st.

I’ve discovered that the more I line up my work with reality, affection, and might, the more goodwill I render, and the more I get support from unforeseen sources. When you commit yourself to the heart-centered course, it will frequently appear as though the cosmos backs you up.

Being intelligent is the ultimate source of wealth. You can supply enormous value to other people by cultivating your own originative expression, thereby yielding all the money you want. Rather than attempting to acquire money, center your efforts on producing and delivering value to other people, and plenty of resources will flow back to you reciprocally. Real wealth comes from inside.

By making smart choices, you ought to be able to increase your capability to provide social value, thereby increasing your money. This demands that you optimize for long-run value creation rather than short-run profit.

If you provide more value than you get while ensuring you’re being dealt with fairly and not falling under a pattern of selflessness, the excess value you supply will overflow into public goodwill. Superior service gets observed as it’s so rare.

Individuals will gladly recommend you to their loved ones, friends, and colleagues, thereby bringing you a constant stream of fresh opportunities. This is true whether you’re freelance or you work for somebody else.

It’s smart to give more than you get, as this is exactly what yields development.

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