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Table of Contents

Introduction ……. 5
Beginning The Road To Improving Your Stability ….. 10
– Dislocation/Fractures ……….. 11
– Death . 11
5 Steps To Beginning The Road To Recovery. 12
1. Committing to exercise daily ……….. 12
2. Get your vision checked .. 13
3. Get good footwear ………. 13
4. Get Your Blood Pressure Checked ….. 13
5. Know the Side Effects of Your Medication ………. 14
What Sort of Exercise Should I Do To Improve Stability? ………. 15
Work on Your Stamina …………… 15
Core training ………… 17
What if I Can’t Join a Pilates or Yoga Class? …………… 19
Core training at home 20
Planks … 20
Strength Training …… 22
Using weights ……….. 23
Stability Training Methods … 24
Stability Supports ………….. 26
Walking canes …….. 28
Walkers . 28
Mobility scooters …. 29
Conclusion – How to Begin the road to Recovery or Prevention Today ………….. 30

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Only with regular exercise and a healthy diet can you have a body that is fit and has the ability to almost reverse aging.

Dan Inosanto, is 79 years old and he is still fit and active. He used to train Bruce Lee and many other martial artists. The martial arts are one of the best forms of exercise.


Because you need balance, flexibility, strength and stamina to excel at it. All the punching, kicking and movements will help the body to retain its natural vigor and vitality.

If you have neglected your health for years and life seems to be a chore now because you can’t get around without assistance, do not feel dejected.

You can remedy the situation. You can restore the strength, balance and stamina that you have lost. It is never too late to become what you might have been. Your body will help you, if you help it.

This guide will show you exactly what you need to do to restore your balance, strengthen your core and give you the ability to live life to its fullest. Read on…

Beginning The Road To Improving Your Stability

First and foremost, you must understand that no matter how weak you think you are or how inactive you have been, you can ALWAYS improve your situation.

Never underestimate the power of small positive daily action that snowball over time. There are people in their sixties who started going to the gym and ended up with bodies that are better than the majority of people half their age.

Consistent and conscientious action is a force to be reckoned with. Before looking at the road to recovery or instability prevention, let’s look at the consequences that can occur should you fall.

This may seem scary to some but it’s important to know the possible scenarios that can result when a senior falls down for whatever reason.

– Dislocation/Fractures

This is one of the most common scenarios that occur when a senior falls. Unlike younger people who are more resilient and can handle the impact, older people usually have more brittle bones.

Some may even suffer from osteoporosis. The fragility of the bones poses a huge risk during a fall. Fractures can easily occur since the bones are less dense.

It’s easy to dislocate a shoulder or a hip during a fall. It all depends on the force and the direction of the fall. Either way, it’s not a pretty scenario.

– Death

This is a very real possibility. There are thousands of documented cases of seniors who have died from a fall at home, either in the bathroom or by tripping on the stairs.

It is not a pleasant thought but we must stare the hard facts and once we know what we’re looking at, we can take steps to prevent the worst from happening.

Now let’s look at how we can begin on the road to recovery.

5 Steps To Beginning The Road To Recovery

1. Committing to exercise daily

This is the first and most crucial step. Just like with weight loss, a commitment is required. You must have a plan and stick to it. Unlike with weight loss, your training sessions will be much shorter and less strenuous.

The goal here will be to increase the strength of your core muscles, stabilising muscles, flexors and extensors. You will also need to increase your flexibility in order for your joints to be more supple and limber.

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