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There’s really no limitto the methods in which viral marketing can be implemented. The only

criteria is that viewers have the ability to either tell other people about it or to personally pass it along to someone else.

Beyond that, the “virus” can pretty much spread itself. Which is exactly what you want to happen.

The true benefit of any viral marketing technique is the fact that you only need to set it in motion once. From that point on, it becomes a word-of-mouth type process that spreads and multiplies on its own.

Naturally, you can also continue to independently push, promote, and advertise any viral method on an ongoing basis…

Like taking the time to list your free ebook in as many download locations and directories as possible.

Or visiting discussion boards and letting the readers know about some ebook, funny video, or free greeting card service you have available (without breaking any of the board rules).

Or implementing and improving keyword search engine optimization for pages that are associated with your viral marketing methods (just like you would any of your other website pages).

Viral marketing methods -if used properly -can be responsible for the majority of targeted traffic and overall promotion you receive. And of course, the more traffic you receive, themore income you’ll ultimately generate.

Viral Marketing Techniques

Adhering to the following guidelines will help you achieve the most benefit from viral marketing.

First and foremost, you need to provide something that’s both original and interesting. If you want the best viral results, you can’t distribute ebooks that have little or no value in terms of content.

Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it can be inferior. Instead, you should view ebooks (or any other viral entity) in the same light as you would a product that you intend to sell. As something worth putting a price on.

If it’s not good enough to put a price on, it’s not good enough to use as a viral marketing tool. After all, no one is going to recommend something that has little or no value, much less pass it around to their friends and associates.

No matter what you come up with -ebook, report, funny video, greeting card service -make certain it’s something people will want to talk about and share with everyone they know. Otherwise, there won’t be any viral benefit to enjoy.

Another important factor involves thinking outside the viral box…

The most common method for distributing content is to use free ebooks. But what about audio and video presentations? These two formats in particular have recently gained a great deal of popularity. Take advantage of that fact and you could see a tremendous boost in your viral marketing results.

If you create videos, here are two places where you can receive maximum exposure…

Google Video (submit your video)


You also need to be imaginative with regard to how you get the word out. Here is a list of some of the more creative ways to do that…

•Get your product listed on any and all websites that offer free downloads.

•If your product is an ebook, submit it to as many ebook directories as possible.

•Create a version of your product that people can brand with their own information prior to distribution.

•Let product owners know that you have a free product available, one they can include in their bonus package.

•Locate large giveaway packages. Many of them have open submission, allowing owners to include their products along with all the other offers listed there.

•Sell your viral product on eBay for a small fee which includes rights to either resell it or give it away.

The goal is to get your viral products in as many hands as possible. The more people who see them, the more they’ll get passed along. And the more they get passed along, the more benefit you’ll achieve.

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