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“Back End Sales!”

And it’s one of the most jealously-guarded secrets of any successful marketer. It’s actually such a simple concept. You see, once your customer buys from you, it’s light-years easier to get them to buy from you again. And it’s so much cheaper, because you don’t have to spend so much time and money to develop the original attraction, interest, desire, likeability, and trust to get them to take action to buy from you, like you did the first time. There’s basically three ways to work your back-end sales.

#1 – Re-selling Re-selling is simply selling them the same thing they bought before. For example, consumable products (like health and beauty products, car performance additives, etc., basically anything that is consumed and needed again on a regular basis), or reoccurring services (such as accounting or bookkeeping, writing services, consulting, internet services, etc.). When looking for some product/service to market, always try to think of products/services that are ‘consumables’ that need to be purchased and used (or enjoyed) over and over and over again by your customer. That in itself will give you tremendous back-end sales and profits.

#2 – Up-selling Up-selling is getting your customers to buy a better, more expensive, or more up-scale products or services from you, or an additional item(s) at the time of their main purchase while they’re in the buying mood. Maybe it’s a new service that will save them time or money, or a new product that does whatever they need to do faster and more efficient – or maybe it’s just the upscale model of what they already bought and it has a few more ‘bells and whistles’ (advantages and benefits) that they would really enjoy now that they have had the introductory product or service. It’s really such an easy concept, but you’ve got to take the time and effort to put this strategy into your marketing program, and get your staff and sales people using this in every situation to harvest your rewards.

#3 – Cross-Selling Cross-selling is getting your customers to buy something else that’s related to the original product/service they purchased from you. Let’s see just how this could work for you… I’m sure in your business there are ancillary products or services that can be packaged and offered that would provide solutions to your customers…in other words, accessories or add-ons they want or need to better their lives, or the enjoyment of their main purchase.

And I’m going to give you a little ‘preview’ of our next section right now, these products or services don’t necessarily have to be things that you sell, you could ‘joint venture’ with other business owners (non-competitors, of course) who’ve already got quality products/services that you could recommend to your loyal customers (more about how this benefits everyone in the next section – and did you know, you’ll be able to make money by letting your customers know about another business’ offers? And create more goodwill with your customers too? Does this discussion of getting more from your current customers give you any ideas?

Think about it for a minute…

• What are some things you can market to your customers as your back-end now?

• What could you be selling to your customers that you aren’t now?

• Whose products/services could you use as back-end sales for you in a ‘joint venture’ relationship?

• Who could use your products/services as back-end sales in a ‘joint venture’ relationship with you?

• You could even market the products/services of other business owners who don’t know that this can be done! Okay, I digressed a little…so let’s get back on track. You’ve got to begin to understand that the first sale you make with your customer is just the beginning of a long lifetime relationship. Always be asking yourself, “How do you bring more value, more products, more services to your customers during their buying lifetime with you?” Basically, it comes down to this one question… How to you become more valuable to your customers? So how do you get the most out of your current customers? Here’s a few things we can do:

• create customer classifications using a computer database that will allow you to define precisely everything you can find about your customer, and what they like to buy, and how often

• come up with re-selling, up-selling, and cross-selling opportunities within your business that your customers have yet to purchase from you

• develop back-end products or services, especially packaging or bundling these together to add more perceived value to your customers in these continuing service and product purchases, and have them sign up for automatic service or product shipping, and pay you on an automatic payment plan

• consider the benefits of ‘joint venture alliances’ (see next section) with other businesses to leverage your customer base and back-end profits, and theirs too! Just remember, your major investment into your business is always your front-end marketing to get your first sale with your customer. After that, it’s 20 times easier to make your sales through reselling, upselling, cross-selling and joint venturing with others. By developing your USA, improving upon your current marketing, and getting more profits out of your current customers by using these techniques, you’re now ready to learn how to leverage your business by creating joint venture marketing alliances with other business owners you already know, like and trust. Let’s learn about this exciting concept now… Secret Four…

“Joint Venture Marketing Alliances” As you’ve learned already, you can get some fantastic profit results just leveraging the hidden assets I’ve been able to find in your business so far. In this section, you’ll be in for a treat and be amazed at how creating joint venture marketing alliances will quickly and easily build your customer base, and build your business profits for years to come. The Joint Venture Marketing Alliance concept is very simple, yet extremely powerful.

Remember how, in the last section, we discussed how long and hard and expensive it was for your business to get its first customers to know you, like you, and trust you? Well, now we’re going to have your business acquire new customers by using the ‘hidden assets’ (customers) of other businesses who have spent years and years, and tens or hundreds of thousand, or millions of dollars to develop their relationships with their customers who know, like, and trust them. And you won’t have to spend anywhere near the time or money they did in acquiring the customer the first time around. You like this, don’t you? It’s one of the most powerful marketing secrets I use – and you’re now in the position to build your business off the trust that other business owners have already built with their customers over the years, and it’s a win-win-win for everybody involved. For you, the other business, and their customers. In other words, it will be advantageous for other businesses to help you do this. Why would other businesses be willing to do these joint venture alliances with you?
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Here are the two major benefits to your joint venture ally:

• #1 – it’s in their best interest to be of greater value and service to their customers, to help them find bargains and deals on quality services and products, just like I’ve shown you how to do in previous sections

• #2 – they will receive some form of compensation from you that they will benefit from, whether it be financial (a portion of the initial sale), or a service or product that you could provide them for themselves or their business What’s in it for you?

• #1 – it saves you time in acquiring new customers

• #2 – it saves you effort in acquiring new customers

• #3 – it saves you money in acquiring new customers Just remember how much it really costs you in time, money and effort to acquire a new customer.

By using joint venture alliances (and you can do more than one at a time!), you’ll be able to acquire new customers without the huge expense of prospecting, educating, and selling your prospects to become your customers – by using joint venture marketing alliances, you’ll only be introduced to people who are ready to buy right now – this saves you tons of time, effort, and money!

The first place I suggest we look for joint venture alliance possibilities is your own customer list. By that I mean, you may have some business owners as your own customers who know, like, and trust you – who just need to be enlightened to how this joint venture concept can benefit them and their customers, and can work to their advantage. Secondly, think about what other successful businesses your customers already do business with that have the same kind of customers that you have and want more of (note that these businesses are not necessarily in the same industry as yourself). Setting up these alliances can take a variety of formats:

• letters or emails of endorsement to their customer list (a special offer only for their customers to introduce them to your business)

• cross promotions (you see kind of thing at all the time with major corporations, just think of the promotions you see with movies and the major fast-food chains – there’s no reason you couldn’t do the same with businesses in your market area, whether local, regional, or national)

• enclosing your promotional flyer in their communications, or in their ‘new customer welcome kit’ when someone buys from them the first time, whether this is digitally delivered or in print

• and other creative ways that have been successfully used

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