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Our lives have become so busy these days that it seems to take the time to spend some genuine, quality, quiet time with oneself is becoming a lost art. We call it an art because it takes real talent to be able to carve a segment out of our busy day with which we can spend the time in absolute silence, able to block the distractions and woes of the “outside world” and truly consider the attitude we carry within about ourselves and the world around us.

It is the author’s opinion that if you can master the art of making time for yourself and learn to take the TIME to focus, you will begin to see great changes in the world around you, and most importantly, in yourself and others.

So, consider this, if your attitude can truly determine YOUR altitude – just how high can you go in the New Year ahead?
Will you see your glass half full…or half empty?

Will you be the little engine that thinks he can…or can’t?

Start your own list today with those words, then refer to them often this year, and in a short time, reflect and see how things are going for you and where your thought lie upon the matter(s) at hand.

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